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night all round, and Lee and Todd settled things with grudge fuck the next
day, 69-ing and then riding a double-headed dildo borrowed from yours

It was Todd's vast cock that filled my mouth next, face-fucking me good and
proper. Romantically-inclined though he was, Mark clearly found the sight
of this exciting and fucked faster, his sack slapping against my butt as he

Things were getting frenzied now. If there was any ceremony to these nights
of ours it was over.

Todd thundered away; my face flushed crimson, my eyes bulged, I gargled and
drooled like a rabid dog, but still he fucked my mouth brutishly. He even
held my nose, the bastard. He knew I could take it, he'd said more than
once that I was he favourite cocksucker, which just made him test my limits
even more.

"Ulllllllgggghhhhhhhh..!" I choked, my tongue held down by cockmeat.

Mark shuddered and withdrew from me, quickly clambering to his feet and
wanking out his thick and silky cum all over my chest and stomach.

Perhaps as a mercy, Mark beckoned Brian over to take his turn at my
fuckhole. Todd harrumphed but took the hint, pulling his monster from my
ravaged throat and letting me finally sit up. Gasping for breath and with
eyes streaming, I wasn't gonna let the guys down by pussying out and making
them wait. Cum-glazed, I shuffled on my knees over to the sofa where Lee
was sat, legs wide apart. I put my head in his lap and spread my cheeks for
Brian. I was the bitch, and bitch meant doggy-style.

I sucked on Lee's balls as Brian slid into my cunt. He favoured a
'hands-free' fucking technique, his arms wide, rocking back and forth on
the front balls of his feet, watching mesmerised as his banana cock
disappeared between my plump, hairy cheeks to be swallowed up. Lee moaned
and kept pushing my head down, past his balls to his dark little
starfish. So predictable. Most guys love being rimmed, but Lee had a major
weakness for a tongue lapping his pucker. I knew if anything would push him
over the edge that would be it, so tried to get my mouth back on his
cock. No dice. He moved his butt the edge of the seat and held my head
down, his other hand a blur on his cock.

By this point I was pretty close myself. Brian may have looked skinny and
unassuming but he could churn your prostate into butter, which is exactly
what he was doing to mine. Grabbing my hips to steady himself, he rammed
hard and with amazing precision at my sweet spot. I suppose it was
impossible for Brian's dick to know exactly where it was inside of me-
nobodies' cock is that sensitive- it sure as hell felt that way. I tensed,
white-knuckled and moaning at the assault on my pleasure button. I decided
to go for broke.

I stabbed my tongue at Lee's asshole, worming inside. He was scooting so
far forward and spreading his legs so wide for me, his feet lifted off the
floor. He whined and whimpered and scrunched his face up. I felt my cock
jump and rolled my tongue in the pulsating ring.

Brian bucked. Lee wailed. I started to spurt. My ass clenched. I felt
something warm splash my hair and face. Brian drove his cock into me one
last time.

I gushed cum. I was flooded with cum. I was splattered with cum.

The three of us climaxed in rapturous concert. My insides gratefully
accepted their coating of hot, fresh seed, straight from the source. I
lifted my face from Lee's ass now slick from my nasty French kiss. Cum
oozed down over my eye as Lee blew the last of his load, smearing his cummy
cockhead across my cheek. A puddle of my own spunk stained the carpet
beneath me.

Brian pulled out from my sloppy hole. I knew he'd have liked to eaten his
own newly-deposited sperm from my pussy, but Todd was already pushing him
aside. Todd believed that the best lubricant for an ass fuck was cum-
another one of those rare things we all agreed upon- and there was no way
he was going to miss out on sloppy seconds. If Todd hadn't pressed my head
into the carpet from behind with one of his gorilla hands I'd have jumped
at the sensation of his veiny salami being driven into me. It was like
being mounted by a small horse. My anal ring was stretched almost beyond
endurance and even with their coating of cum, my guts felt full to
capacity. Todd was not a gentle fucker, but he never even considering going
easy on me, even after the three poundings I'd already taken that night. He
needed to dominate, for this to be his conquest and for me to be totally at
his mercy.

"Awwww yeah.Take it, fucker! Aw, you little bitch."

Having just cum myself, I was as relaxed as possible and determined not to
tense up. It would have been easy to let Todd overwhelm me, but I wouldn't
let him. I shifted my knees further apart and rocked my ass back and
forward, meeting his thrusts. He wanted to give me a good hard fucking and
I was gonna take it, by God. I was exhausted and aching, but the relentless
assault touched the animal side of me, the pure, undiluted lust for males
and their male essence, the part of me that lived to be penetrated, to
satisfy cock after cock and absorb their potency.

Todd was hung like a stallion and fucked like one; no finesse, just untamed
physical power. I would not cry out. I gritted my teeth and welcomed his
intensifying thrusts.

The other guys, sated for now, sat around in a semi-circle, riveted as much
by my performance as Todd's. This was sex as violent dance. Man sex.

Todd dug his nails into my buttocks and roared. He roared so loud dust
seemed to fall from the ceiling. A week's worth of work tension and sexual
frustration erupted into my bowels, sperm flooding out of Todd's balls as
though a dam had burst.

His knees gave beneath him and he collapsed on top of me. We lay there,
still locked together for a long moment. We breathed great heaving
breaths. The room seemed to spin. All my senses were on fire.

When Todd at last removed himself from me, I felt I must be gaping open, my
normally tight pleasure-giving asshole red and swollen like a true pussy. I
managed to roll onto my back and just lay there, eyes half closed. The
others were clearing up, wiping themselves down, getting drinks. I was
glazed with saliva and sweat. I had great gobs of semen on me and in me. I
just let my mind drift, luxuriating in the orgiastic afterglow.

Time passed, I'm not sure how long. Then I felt soft lips on my face. I
knew it would be Brian, wanting to enjoy the taste of all five of us on my
tongue. I let him kiss me, expecting him to work his way down to Mark's
cooling jizz on my chest. Instead another pair of lips found mine. It was
Lee, of course. He kissed me as if I was the love of his life. Then as soon
as Lee was finished, another mouth took his place. Mark. I guessed this was
their way of thanking me, as if any thanks were needed.

Dizzy from all of this, I stayed where I was on the living room floor, my
tongue protruding slightly from between my lips. The next thing it tasted
was the warm, wrinkled texture of an anus. I breathed deeply as Todd
lowered his big ass onto my face. Like I said, the deal was everyone got to
cum at least twice.

Time for round two!

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