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About: In a minute, both are naked, I finally broke my silence. " I'm usually a well-behaved bastard except when I'm teaching!" " No... I like you unruly and mean, but I never realized it. I fingered myself three times today thinking of you. Of having a 55 year old man fucking me and all because of the way you pummelled that bastard at the tea-stall today." I laughed, " So this 21 year old woman likes a older bad man?" Irina nodded. Her passions are rising again. " You bet I do. Hot older bad men like yourself. Who make me go weak in the knees with their strength and ruggedness. Take me now! Make me your whore! I can't bear another night of finger fucking!" " Why you horny little bitch!" With that I laid down on top of her, entwining my massive frame around her supple skin. We kiss relentlessly while my hands maul her breasts and ass. Fingers rolling around her nipples, while the other hand slowly traced her folds. Her hands ran with complete abandonment, feeling up every inch of my torso and grabbing hold of my hard cock. She hungrily held onto my tongue in her mouth. Our kiss is explosive, our bodies mashed against each other. We were both melting.

Breaking away, Irina straddled and looked me in the eye " I never have been with a older man before. I smiled and got up in a swift motion. I kissed her again and said " Go ahead. If you're a good little girl, you'll get a chocolate filled with extra cream. But I'd like some sweet pussy juice myself." Without warning, I lifted her by the waist, and laid her down by my side. Then, getting up, I quickly lay upside down and call out to her, " How about item number 69 from the menu of horny fucks?" then started licking her pussy. My tongue working up her clitoris while my fingers entered her pussy and begin an intensive round of finger fucking. But my fingers are fat and stronger as my tongue absolutely pleasured her. The pleasure drove her wild, and made her gag on my cock. My cock smelled of me, a musky smell that she cannot resist. She didn't like sucking cock, but this one is too overpowering. It tasted of me and she wanted every all of me. Her lips pulls the foreskin back while her tongue tickles the tip. She slowly begins sliding her mouth along the length of the shaft, gagging at the end but never stopping. Meanwhile I'm demolishing her pussy, reducing her to mush. Her tongue is giving me goosebumps and I feel myself arching in pleasure. My fingers increase their thrusting while my tongue lost all sense of strategy and wildly lashed her engorged clitoris. My stubble poked into the smooth skin of her inner thigh, adding to her pleasure. She feels a warm liquid sensation from my tongue -- Irina is on the verge of another orgasm.

Without warning she starts convulsing, clamping my face with her thighs and releasing her cunt juice onto my hungry face. She is surprised --it isn't a clitoral orgasm --it is a vaginal one, one that she has never had before. The sheer animal lust of the night has driven her over the edge. No sooner had the thought struck her when her clitoris gave way and she floated into the world of ecstasy, completely oblivious to the throbbing cock in her mouth, shooting my seed into her depths. Involuntarily, she sucks harder, drying me of every drop of cum and making me roar like a tiger. It is a few minutes before she floated back to earth, and I had already started playing with her breasts. My tongue working its magic there too while her overworked pussy starts to recuperate from the massive double orgasm she'd had. I'm gentle now, my tongue playing naughtily with her nipples, biting, twirling and licking in succession. She feels herself warming up again and grabbed my hair. The hardness poking her legs told her that I'm warming up myself. I continue to use my tongue to drive her wild, till she can't take anymore. She grabs me by the hair, pulling my face up and kissed me deeply, letting our tongues battle violently. On breaking apart she whimpers, " Please." " Please what?" " uhhhhh." " Say it you bitch!" " Fu....ck.... me." " Louder! Shout it out! Let the whole world know we're having the most amazing sex ever!" " FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD LIKE A BITCH IN THE HEAT! PUMMEL ME WITH YOUR MONSTER COCK! MAKE ME YOUR WHORE!" " Thats like a good girl... get ready for some dick babe!"

I held her legs open and slowly rubbed the head of my cock against her pussy. I took out a condom from under the pillow. She held my hand and told me to throw it away. " Dont bother... I want to feel your seed in me... I'm on the pill anyway... and I'm clean...I want to feel you bareback in me." In response I rub my cock head along her folds, making her shudder. The moist pussy juice mingling with my pre-cum as I push my head inside her, making her let out a soft scream. I slowly pull back then push in a little deeper with each stroke. Each stroke sent her higher into escasty, and her pussy walls clamping down on my cock, grabbing it like a vise as I slide out to give deeper and harder strokes. She thrashed and squirmed beneath me, bucking up in terror as she feels my warm lips pressing against the side of her neck, gently nuzzling and sucking on her tender skin. She thought; 'this was a mistake,' as my broad chest pressed against her small breasts. She struggled furiously, her head thrashing back and forth, as I continued sucking and slobbering on her neck,

Each stroke pushing Irina deeper into senseless pleasure. She arches her back and wraps herself around me while I thrust in and out at a steady pace, grunting each time I pushed deeper into her. A new fire is raging in her pussy, threatening to engulf her. The pace and precision of my strokes is pushing her to an orgasm, while my own steady grunting indicated that I'm close to one. She feels my body tighten a bit too quickly and looked pleadingly into my eyes. I stop and kiss her and pull out of her. Irina is in shock her pussy gripping me as I slid out, and she is begging me to put my cock back into her. I spread her legs and push in, slamming my entire length into her and hearing my balls slap against her crotch. At the same time I grabbed her head an propped her up. Sucking and slobbering on her neck, my knees between her legs, holding them apart. She is moaning in humiliation as my lips move to her ear, my hands pinning her struggling form for the moment. " You're a hot little cunt," I whispered into her ear, her body flushing with shame, " Hot little cunts need fucking." She cringes feeling my cock buried deep inside her. Blackness engulfed her vision as she feels my battering cock head, the pain filling every corner of her body and mind. Her virginal blood slicked my entry as I filled her to the balls with my throbbing manhood, her body stiff in agony, her body feeling like it is being torn apart.

I begin brutally thrusting into her, whispering in her ear, " Oh yes, baby, nice and tight. Fuck yes. Good cunt," while licking and sucking on her neck. Ten minutes, which seemed like hours passed as I rode her, slamming her slender hips and buttocks painfully into the bed with each downward thrust, and the pain gradually lessened to be replaced by strange feeling of fullness. She barely registered this change, though, weeping as she was humiliated. I froze on top of her and moaned, and she feels my seed fill her belly, coating the inside of her vagina, bringing a cool relief to her tortured young flesh. I rolled off of her and she tried to get up.

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