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About: The sunsets every night are a real thrill. I had my eye on a tiny island about twenty feet in diameter with some great trees and shrubs on it.

I paddled near the main shore with the island just to the right of where the sun was going to set and waited.

I thought that I had seen some movement on the tiny island but decided to ignore it. As the sun began to set I took a picture about every ten seconds for several minutes. After the beautiful orange sun had sat, the sky was still bright.

A female voice asked, "Are you going to stay there all night?"

I replied, "Come on out and I’ll paddle you to shore."

The female voice replied, "I can’t. I’m naked."

I finally recognized the voice and said, "I know, Sarah. I got you in a few pictures."

Of course I was bluffing but she didn’t know that.

Sarah popped up behind a bush covering her big breasts with both hands. I clicked off a few pictures using the low light setting. She had no idea what I was doing. At sixty-three I was probably the youngest member of that community. Sarah was closer to seventy-five but she really took good care of herself. I had seen her out riding her bicycle, weeding her flower garden, and in nice clothes.

I asked, "What brings to down this far?"

Sarah replied, "No one ever comes down here and I can skinny dip without getting caught." She thought that over and added, "Until you moved in, that is."

I said, "My offer still stands. Come out and I’ll give you a ride to shore."

Sarah asked, "You really have pictures of me already?"

I replied, "Yes, I do."

Sarah asked, "What are you going to do with them?"

I replied, "Nothing. Nothing at all. I’m not even going to show them to my wife."

Sarah said, "Okay then, but I don’t like my body. It’s old, it sags, and I have too many wrinkles."

I watched her come out from behind the bush. She was not trying to conceal anything. She approached my canoe and stepped in as I kept clicking off pictures. Instead of facing forward as I had expected, Sarah sat down facing me. She held the side rails, leaned back, and spread her legs. She knew that I was taking pictures and had decided to cooperate with me.

Sarah said, "I feel so wanton, like a floozy or a harlot. Do you really like my body?"

I replied, "It is better than my wife’s body."

Sarah smiled and pulled her shoulders back forcing her big saggy breasts up a little. Then out of no where Sarah opened up her pussy with both fingers and started to pee. I took as many pictures as I could.

Then Sarah said, "I have always wanted to do that in front of a man. I feel that I can do anything in front of you."

I replied, "You can. Especially if I can photograph it."

Sarah said, "Okay then, it is a deal."

With that said she lifted one breast up to her face, bit onto her hard nipple with her teeth, and let the breast go. It was better than Internet porn it was real. Sarah traded nipples and posed some more.

Then Sarah asked, "Would you want to fuck me? My husband hasn’t fucked me in twenty years and I really miss having a hard cock in my cunt."

I replied, "Can we do it on the island?"

Sarah stepped out of the canoe and got on her back in the tall grass. I stripped out of my clothes and started to play with her pussy as I took pictures.

Sarah said, "There is no need for any foreplay. I’m more than wet enough from those pictures that you took. Just shove it in and have a go at it. Don’t be gentle either."

I did just that. I shoved my hard cock into her wet cunt and fucked her for all I was worth. It was a good workout too. In a short time Sarah was clutching at me, she was panting, and she was thrashing about in her first orgasm in years from a real cock. She told me that I was much better than her finger or those silicone dildos that she often uses right in bed with her husband lying next to her. The poor guy couldn’t help it if he couldn’t get it up anymore. His doctor would not even recommend any of those erection pills for fear that he would kill himself.

After I had cum in her she smiled and told me to take all the pictures that I wanted too. She loved the fact that my cum was all over her pussy in the pictures.

Sarah then said, "I will even do anal for you. I’m still virgin back there but I’ll give it to you."

I said, "Thank you, but how about we save that for another day. I’m not as young as you would want me to be."

Sarah replied, "And I’m not as old as I thought I was."



Sarah and I carried on a sexual relationship for several years. Her husband died a year into our relationship and my wife joined us for a few threesomes, but mostly it was just Sarah and I off somewhere skinny-dipping, posing for pictures, and having some of the best sex that either one of us could remember.

Neither Sarah nor my wife, were what you could call bisexual, but they tolerated it to make me happy. After a good bout of oral sex they would kiss nicely for the camera and then go into the bathroom together to brush their teeth. They would come back out and embrace for me afterwards, nipple to nipples, and tongue to tongue.

One time I talked my wife into lying in the bottom of the canoe with Sarah at the far end, leaned back, and holding her pussy lips open. That warm urine flowed in a steady stream from Sarah’s bladder onto my wife’s hairy pussy. Then both women jumped into the lake water to clean off.

The End
Old But Still Good

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