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About: She smiled and kissed me.

"Me, too," she said, "that got me sweaty and icky."

"See you guys," I said, and left them behind. I never bothered to mention that there was still a little cum on her forehead and a bit soaked into her hair, but I didn't really care.

7. A Very Happy Ending

I went back to my dorm room, which was now empty of people. I showered and then did some homework. The fast-paced porno sex was great (and a perfect touch it was that we were recorded), but now that I was relaxing, I could to go for some gentle sex. I started wishing that my roommate's girlfriend came by so she could fuck me slowly and softly, but since she had just gotten her fill from her boyfriend, that wasn't likely to happen. I mean, just a nice, easy blowjob while I worked would do wonders.

It was getting late, and I needed some food. Since none of my friends were around, I considered eating in, but my stomach and my taste buds wanted something else.

Now, there is this great place in the city called the Happy Meal, which is a very good and very cheap Chinese restaurant. But in the back is a massage parlor where really cute Asian girls will give you a massage with oils, lotions, the whole works. You get undressed and everything, and for a little extra they'll give you a handjob.

Now that was exactly the perfect place to unwind, I decided. I called up a few friends of mine, and two liked the idea. The three of us met near the parking lot, then we took my car to Happy Meal.

We'd all been there before, so we knew the drill. We told the waiter that we would be getting a Happy Meal (which was food and a massage), so he added the price of a massage for each of us to the check. The check and fortune cookies came after the meal, so we paid then, and then headed to the back rooms to get a massage. My fortune cookie simply said "Luck is attracted to you," which, considering the past few days, was very accurate.

All of the rooms were private, so three different women led us each into separate rooms. My girl (Asian, obviously) was very cute in the sort of way that made her look very young, underage almost, although she was beautifully developed.

She told me to strip and lay on my stomach on the table as she washed her hands and placed various oils and lotions on a tray for use. I did as I was told and waited for her to begin.

She began at the shoulders and neck, working the kinks out of my body. Her hands drifted on down my back, massaging my muscles all the way down. When she finished massaging my tailbone she stopped her descent, and skipped all the way down to my toes, where she picked up again, rubbing my feet, ankles, and legs. When the towel blocked her progress, she lifted it up and put her hands underneath, massaging my thighs and ass. I dick got hard as she massaged, and I know she was intentionally brushing her fingers against my balls as she worked with my thighs. She spent more time than usual there, but I could not see her to tell exactly what she was doing it for.

When she was done with that, she had me reverse so I was on my back, and of course I had a boner sticking up under the towel. Obviously she was used to the sight, because she often gave handjobs to finish off her customers.

She started up at my neck again, and massaged my chest, then diverted to my arms and hands for a little while. She lifted my hand and rubbed softly. I watched as she brought my hand level to her face. She stuck my finger in her mouth, and sucked gently. None of the girls I'd had a massage with here had ever done that before. It was very erotic to me, and it kept my cock straight up. She sucked every finger on my hand, then began to kiss my wrist, moving all the way down my arm. She kissed every inch of my chest, then moved to the other arm and did the same.

The entire procedure was messed up completely when she decided to just remove my towel altogether and throw it aside. With one hand, she massaged my balls, and with the other made circles around my nipple with her finger. She said to me in broken English, "You handsome man. I like you lot. Can I rub you with me? For free."

I didn't know what she was going to "rub on me for free", but I wasn't about to object, so I nodded and said "Yes" very clearly to prevent any miscommunication.

She kissed my chest again and worked her way down, to my navel, then farther. When someone kisses your waist, it can be very ticklish, so I had to use all my will power to not twitch and convulse when her lips got there. She kissed right along down to my dick, kissing the base, the length, the head, the underside, and then the balls, but she never used her tongue.

She then let me go altogether and began to strip, right next to me so I didn't have to get up to watch, only turn my head. She wasn't doing it very sexily, but she was trying. She took everything off but her hairpin, with her panties coming off last, revealing a forest of black pubic hair that stopped just at her underwear line.

She got up onto the table, putting one leg over me to straddle me. She then began to grind me, rubbing her pussy lips over my member without actually penetrating. As she did so, she closed her eyes and arched her back, so her breasts were thrust out at me. She took her hairpin out, and shook her head to let it flow. Her smooth, straight black hair came down to her nipples.

My dick head rubbed against her clit, which seemed to be all it took for her to get off. She made little squeaks as she played with her nipples and tossed her head around. She licked her lips numerous times, until her hips began to shake and her clit shook against my cock very rapidly, vibrating almost.

A little of her pussy juice came out and got my balls wet. When she was satisfied, she got off me slowly, then saw that she had gotten her own liquids on my sack. She leaned over and licked my balls and sucked them, cleaning them off. I could feel her soft tongue for the first time gently lapping up her own cum. When she was done with my balls, she licked my shaft, then put my head in her mouth. She didn't bob or anything, but simply kept steady, using her tongue to massage what was in her mouth. With one hand, she took a towel off the tray and dried my testes, then massaged them with her bare hand until I was ready to cum. She could tell when it would happen, of course, because she was trained to. So just before I came, she took her mouth away and caught my cum with the towel. She stroked my dick to make sure it was all out, then used the clean side of the towel to wipe away any last juices dripping from her vagina.

Now that we were both clean and satisfied, she said we were done, and we got dressed at once. She said "Thank you for my rocks off," which I thought was a funny way to phrase it, but I tried not to laugh and just thanked her back.

When I left the place, my friends were already waiting for me out by the car, and asked why I took so long. All I told them was that she was very thorough, and made sure I got a great massage. The girl didn't do what she did for all her customers, I was sure, and I didn't want them to harass her next time they came.

We drove back to the college and hung out for a while longer before I went back to my dorm to go to bed.

And that was all the sex on had for the weekend. I'll continue with my adventures in part 3. Until then, I hope you had some fun reading, and I hope you'll come back for more!

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