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Bobby reached to his bed side stand and brought over a small tube of body cream. He started with my feet and proceeded to massage and put moisturizer on every inch of me as he continued softly talking.

It was quite late, or maybe quite early when he wrapped me in his arms and I heard his breathing turn heavy.

I awoke late morning to the smell of good coffee and bacon. I was alone in Bobby’s big bed, absolutely nude.

Bobby had just come in the door followed by another black guy with a large tray. Breakfast in bed, what a treat!

Quickly I checked and was pleased to learn, Caroline had retained everything that had been delivered into her body last evening. There were no embarrassments in Bobby’s beautiful bed. Thank goodness because, Bobbie came into the bed and we propped up on big pillows close together to enjoy breakfast.

Halfway through the meal he pointed across to a garment on his rattan dresser.

"I had that outfit over there brought up for you to wear today. I think you are going to look like a million bucks in it."

I looked at him and smiled. His face had the luster of controlled passion I expected, but in addition he looked strangely troubled. He took a sip of coffee and then continued,

"There are two uncomfortable things we need to get behind us as soon as we can.

The first is to have a get together with that big stud Jamal. I want him to know the set up at the hospital blew up in your face and he is going to be a daddy. I also want him to know that you are safe here with me. We want to test how much he really wants to be involved. Not that it matters too much. Bobby has everything under control no matter what Jamal wants. It’s just we want him happy. We don’t want any surprises. "

I looked at Bobby and said nothing. I knew this was part of the whole equation that needed an answer at some point, but it was all so scary. I had no idea how Jamal would react or what would happen, but Bobby was right—it was better to do it quickly.

He sat in silence a moment,

"The other thing is how to let your parents know you are ok without creating a war. Right away this morning I want my contacts to find out is if anyone has filed a missing person report on you. That could be a thorny issue. We sure do not want anyone snooping around down here looking for you. Maybe what is needed right now would be an untraceable phone call from you; maybe to you mother"

He went silent pondering.

When the meal was finished, he set the tray outside the door and went into the master bath together. His all glass shower was wonderful. There was no way a man could have been more attentive to his lady.

A full thirty minutes later we returned to the bedroom wrapped in towels. Bobby asked me to stand by the bed for a moment while he went over to the rattan dresser and returned with a tribal sarong over his arm. It was beautiful in opposing colors to what he was wearing. He took my towel and helped me into it. It had a beautiful fragrance and fit me perfectly. It was a thin luxurious velvet material held in placed by a colorful matching belt around my waist.

A glance in his full length mirror told me I was gorgeous, but it concealed very little. My light blond pubic hair was not discernible, but the tattoo right above could be read through the garment if someone really looked.

I slipped my feet into leather sandals Bobby had brought from the closet. He went down on one knee in front of me to wrap the leather ties of my sandals up around my lower legs. Strange erotic emotions overtook me as I looked down on his blackness. He worked at my legs slowly while often glancing over at our image in the mirror. He could easily be a royal king from some exotic African land with his white, blond, blue eyed slave girl. A shudder passed up through me starting deep in my body. This man owned me.

This all was so strange. I was desperate when I arrived here in the middle of the night. My world at home had completely collapsed into terror. I have never known anyone to be as angry as my folks that evening. I arrived here just looking for any port in a storm. I thought Bobby would provide me some protection, but it would be short term and at a price.

Little did I know how far he would take all this. In his strange kinky way this man loved me like no one ever had. Once I understood his motive regarding this pregnancy everything fell into place. I was in a safe loving place. This wonderful treatment was such an indicator of who he really was. All these other confusions in my life could be worked out as long as this man was on my side.

I reached down and gently rubbed his shoulders as he worked with the ties on my lower legs.

As I did, I became aware that my breathing had turned to panting. Just this one act of sensual loving kindness on his part was all it took to have me so turned on again. There was no way to hide how I felt about him.

When Bobby finished with the sandals, he stood up, took my gold chain and led me over to his full length gold framed mirror. I stood looking at my image as he came around behind me still holding the chain.

For the next several minutes we stood looking in the mirror. Time after time he hugged me and enthralled me with platitudes. Each loving comment he made took me higher. Bobby knew exactly what to say. He knew exactly what my ego needed to hear. Finally, he turned me toward him, adjusted the top of my outfit unnecessarily, and kissed me.

He smiled,

"Wow, I sure like this outfit. You look great in it. This is one of a several things I had sent over here for you to wear. My, you confirm I have good taste. I know they will all as attractive on you."

He smiled warmly. Looked at me approvingly and together we walked out of the room and down the hall toward the stairwell.

I felt such empowerment as we left the room. Not a word had been said, but I knew I was number one in his heart. My relationship with Bobby had taken on new meaning. I had won him over completely. He loved me and I would do anything he wanted me to do. I now realized just how far he would go for me. He willingly took charge of everything, even the uncomfortable details...the call to Jamal...the contacts with my parents.

As I stood there in his embrace, interesting thoughts occurred. Love and true affection are powerful tools. Prior to me, Bobby probably thought he had everything, but when I came into his life he realized there was so much more. He scammed me not to hurt me, but to protect this baby. It had to hurt him terribly when I learned about what he was doing, reacted, and returned to the white world in anger. He undoubtedly thought I was gone.

There was so much more neither of us understood until I returned. Once I returned, I realized all he wanted to do, right from the moment he met me, was the right thing for me and this baby. Something I would never have done if left to my own devices. He brought me into his life to handle things the way he wanted and protect this baby.

When I came back, I brought with me something he had never had before...true affection and commitment...and it was obvious he now realized how much that added to his life.

There was such a bond between us, such a mutual need for one another. I followed him out the door and toward the stairwell. I felt beautiful.

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