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About: I arrived home from work to find Kim lying naked on the couch watching a porn movie , it was one Joe had maid , a woman under the pony sucking his huge cock and as I sat down the pony jerked and let fly with a huge amount of cum all over the woman's body.

Kim was so hot and very wet I had to relieve her it was my duty.

On the weekend Joe had said he was going to call in as he was in the area, Kim was delighted and looking forward in catching up

Kim phoned me at the office to tell me her friend Sally was coming for dinner , Sally was a single lady as he husband walked out on her , she was 52 and very well shaped I longed to get a look at her body and Kim knew it so she teased me every time Sally's name was mentioned , so I hoped she would come skimpily dressed as it was a very hot day.

Dinner was going well and yes Sally wore not much that made my cock hard all night KIm smirked at me several times knowing what I was thinking , over coffe I put the TV on not realizing that Joes DVD was still in the machine pressed play as we all sat down we watched as the pony blew cum all over the woman, Sally watched in awe as he unloaded huge amounts all over the woman.

You could here a pin drop , not a word was said , I got up to turn it off but Sally stoped me and asked to see that again , as we watched Sally became aroused and wriggled in her seat , Kim asked if she was ok Sally asked if we were into animal sex , we looked at each other and admitted that we were attracted to it.Sally smiled and told us she had been wanting to do a dog for years but her hubby was against it.

Kim and Sally talked for most of the night and the next day , for me to find out that Sally would be her on Saturday when Joe visited.

 Saturday was a stinker 40c and very humid so we spent most time around the pool , Joe arrived around two pm and guess with who , yes his huge dog Sam , intros was done and we relaxed , the girls baking naked Joe and I drinking , Joe nudged me to watch his dog go sit between the girls Kim pated him and made a fuss he loved that, Sally was lying on her tummy and sam went and sniffed her bottom , Joe smiled as he knew what sam was about to do , sam started to lick Sallys bottom at first she resisted but as sam kept going she got used to it and slightly open her legs which gave sam a perfect angle to lick her now wet fanny ,

sam was now standing over Sally nose deep between her legs , tongue lapping heropen cunt and his cock was starting to show it was huge and very pink and thick , Joe went over and spoke to Sally as he knew sam was wanting to fuck Sally I herd his ask do you want this, Sally just moaned YES YES I want his cock both Joe and Kim were helping Sally as they knew it was her first time , with that sam started to enter Sally, Joe had got her on all fours and Kim was holding her shoulders and telling her what to expect.

Then sam bucked and his cock went in Sally screamed and I could see sam giving all he had , it popped out at one stage and all I could see was Salls cunt so open then he drove his cock back in ,Sally was bucking and moaning Joe was holding on to sams legs and Kim was sqeezing her nipples , it was then that sam started to knott up and expand his huge cock all Sally could do was swear and experience the swelling and then sam came and filled her with cum.

Kim held her head and explained what was coming next sam knotted and Sally could feel his huge cock and huge load in her and as he expanded Sally orgasmed several times , eventually after several minutes he started to come out leaving a very exhausted woman with cum flowing out of her.

Things where very quiet for a long time no one spoke ,when Sally had recovered she just kissed Joe and Kim thanking them for a great experience ,

We swam and drank while sam slept and as evening came we moved indoors , Joe had brought a new DVD and we sat and watched his porn movie but I must say it did arouse the ladies , Joe and I sat with rock hard hardons , it was then Kim came over to Joe and started to suck his cock, remember he had a huge head and thick cock , Sally and I watched her take it all down her throat then she got up and sat on it letting go deep in her , Joe was sucking Kims nipples as he fucked her ,not knowing what to expect Sally came over and played with my average cock and I got to touch and fuck my fantasy,

Trouble was I did not last very long , and blew very quickly Sally looked very disappointed but that changed as sam was standing behind her and started to lick her ass as I was pulling out sam was slurping on my cum oozing out of Sally , he had come alive and ready for moor Sally on all fours being licked out and Kim being fucked by Joe was the best sight..

Joe got up and sat Kim on the edge of the couch legs wide apart with an open cunt, he then led sam to Kim who knew exactly what to do , then Joe went behind Sally and shoved his huge cock deep in her and fucked her rapidly.

sam was ready to fuck so I went over and held his front paws as he mounted Kim , watching this huge cock enter Kim was awsum she was enjoying every thrust , then Sally and Joe came over held a leg each and spread her so sam could go deeper , Kim squeeled and her vocals where erotic sam started to growl and we knew he was about to start knotting and fill her , his cock just swelled to a ridiculous size and stretched Kim to ecstasy , I remember as we waited Joes cock was waving around and then he blew cum was going all over Kims tummy so Sally sucked it up and then fed it to Kim , then sam started to remove his cock and as he came out Sally went down and ate the cum coming out , then again moved up to Kims mouth and fed her sams cum.

We all cleaned up had late meal and went to bed , I woke up around 3am to find KIm not in bed , so I went looking and found her with Joe and Sally Joes cock was deep in Kims ass he had convinced her to get anul fucked and as he blew in her ass Sally rimmed her and again fed Joes cum to Kim.

Next morning we had breakfast and Joe invited the girls to his farm as he wanted them to fuck the pony

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