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About: My kids were gone for the night so I was all by myself trying to relax and gather my thoughts. I had lit a fire in the fireplace, lit a few candles on the mantle, laid down a couple of big cozy blankets and opened a bottle of wine. Pouring myself a glass and walking into the living room, I push the video into the vcr, as I fluff some of the pillows the sounds of a couple fucking comes from the tv. I pick up my glass of wine and drink it down, pouring myself a second glass I am getting turned on by listening to the tv, I start to play with my breasts through my shirt. I'm not wearing a bra so my nipples standing erect show clearly as I slide my hand down my stomach and inside my panties to find my clit and rub it furiously. Laying down leaning against the pillows I spread my thighs allowing my thong to slip to one side of my clit as I continue to rub my pussy. My wet lips allow my 7 inch soft vibe to slide right into me, filling my tightness. As I begin to pump it in and out of my pussy I turn it on and again rub my clit. Nearing my climax I begin pounding my vibe into my wet hole, covering it with my juices and my other hand rubbing against my clit. I moan loudly as my body shakes and trembles as I cum twice all over my still humming vibrator. Laying my vibe down next to me I reach for my glass of wine. There is a knock at the door, sighing I get up to answer it, putting my robe on to cover my thong and tank top-sleepwear for the night, hoping it isn't my new nosy neighbor. I look out the window and see a motorcycle in the driveway.I open the door, holding my robe tightly closed. The man standing on my doorstep is wearing a black helmet with the visor down, a black leather jacket, nice tight blue jeans- I can't help but admire the way he looks either, and black biker boots. Looking a little confused I ask the man "Can I help you?" The man replies, " I sure hope so, darlin'." as he removes his helmet. Taken completely by surprise at you standing here in front of me I let go of my robe as I open the door further. As my robe opens to reveal my scantilly clad body I hear a sharp hiss as your eyes stare hungrily. I step back so that you can come in, as your eyes survey the room, taking everything in-making your arousel more pronounced. I finally come out of my surprise enough to realize the porn is still going on the tv, my vibe is laying on the blanket on the floor, it smells like fresh womanly abandon, I am a little embarassed but recover quickly. "Please, as you were." You say with a naughty little smile on
your face. I decide to play along, removing my robe I lay back down and leaned against the pillows. Leaving the movie running I pat the pillows next to me "Care to join me?" I ask. Shrugging out of your jacket, laying it on the couch, sitting down you take off your boots. Unbuttoning your jeans you pull your shirt off and over your head, my body quivers watching the muscles ripple across your chest and arms. Coming up on my knees in front of you I reach for the zipper on your jeans, you stop me saying "Not yet." You lay down leaning back against a stack of pillows, tugging me across your lap so that I have to sit straddling your hips. Your eyes gaze at my breasts beneath my top as your hands move up my thighs to cup my ass and pull me forward-even closer causing my pussy to spread further, exposing my already sensitive clit to rub against your cock through your jeans-making me moan at this stimulation. Putting my hands on your neck lacing my fingers together I pull your mouth to mine for several long minutes our tongues dance, teeth gently biting, lips sucking. I pull my mouth away from yours and whisper in your ear " I want you to make love to me. Right here, right now!" With one hand you grab a handful of my hair and pull my head back-forcing me to look up, baring my throat
for you to bite and suck on, also forcing my breasts to thrust forward and up, begging for you mouth to suck them. Your other hand slides across the front of my panties-finding the seam and following it to the wet warmth between my thighs, your thumb finds my clit, my body jumps to your touch, your fingers feeling for my tight entrance to slide your finger inside me. The feel of your chest beneath my hands, your hand in my hair, mouth against my breast, finger buried deep inside my pussy, thumb against my clit-I begin to eagerly thrust against your hand. Moaning as I begin to feel the pressure building inside of me. As I thrust against your
finger one final time you curl your finger just enough to hit my g-spot causing my body to go into several body shaking orgasms. I scream as wave after wave of bliss overcomes my body, I dig my nails into your shoulders. I colapse with my haed on your chest, sighing as I try to regain control of my body. I look up at your smiling face, tenderly I kiss your lips, wrapping your arms around my chest pulling me tighter against you, your tongue exploring my mouth-deepening our kiss. Gently you turn me around and lay me on the floor, your lips trailing kisses across my shoulders, down my back, lingering at the small of my back-sending shivers racing up my spine. Moving to kneel between my legs, spreading my thighs, you slide your jeans off your hips and down to your knees, grabbing my hips and pulling them gently to raise me off the floor-back to push gently against the head of your throbbing cock. One hand reaches down and gently spreads my lips to your hungry gaze, the other firmly grasps your hardness-steadying it for entry into my wetness. I glance over my shoulder to watch your expression as I thrust back against you-burying your cock half into my tight warmth. The heat in your eyes says it all-you are holding back-trying not to hurt me. Reaching my hand back, putting it on your hip, "Give it to me, I want your cock buried deep inside of me." That was all it took for you to let go and start sliding in and out of me, slowly at first, buried deeply
in me, grabbing my hips, moving yours side to side. You start to pump faster and harder, with each thrust your balls slap against my clit, again bringing my body to to the edge. "Oh Ron, don't stop! Baby, I'm going to cum all over your cock. Fuck me!" My muscles start to tighten around you as the orgasm starts, I feel your balls tighten as yours nears. Baby, I'm gonna cum." you tell me, "Give it to me! Cum in my pussy. Oh yes!" As I feel your hot cum shoot deep inside of me. You pull me up against you-my back to your chest... Whispering in my ear, "You are amazing." I turn to face you as you wrap your arms around me and lay back on the pillows, resting my head against your chest, "So are you." I tell you as we lay, hearing the solid beat of your heart in my ear, the smell of sex in the air, the burning fire slowly dying. I have never been more comfortable, sleeping peacefully wrapped in your arms, feeling your strength.

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