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About: Their job done the two men left the room, closing the door behind them.

Jessica could barely move, her wrists were secured in such a way that she could only touch the floor if she stood on the tips of her toes. She felt vulnerable and exposed, her breasts and pussy were on display to anyone who walked by and she would not be able to so much as cover herself if she so desired.

Somewhere behind her she heard the door open and the sound of bare feet walking on the concrete approached her. She tried to turn to face whoever had entered the room but her bonds kept her from moving more than her head, which was unable to provide her with so much as a glance at her company.

Rough, calloused hands brushed against her tender, exposed flesh, eliciting a surprised squeak. She tried involuntarily to flinch away from the new sensation but again she was unable to make any headway. One hand slid up her chest, grasping both of her breasts firmly and twisting her nipples painfully before one slid down between her legs. Another body pressed up against her and she felt the stiff pressure of an erect cock press against her ass. The hands held her body tight, holding her in place. His fingers started to stroke along the length of her already sopping wet pussy before dipping inside to discover her clit. She groaned, her mouth obstructed by the gag that was still in place as his skillful touch brought her to the brink of orgasm and kept her there. Her hips bucked against his hand, desperate for the last bit of pleasure she needed to cascade into orgasm, but the sweet release was denied her. He kept her on the brink.

"Do you want to cum?" a voice made husky with desire whispered in her ear

she nodded vigorously, to engrossed in his touch to trust herself with words

"When we ask you something you say 'yes sir' or 'no sir'" he said

"yesh shir" she mumbled through the gag

with barely more than a flick his touch brought one of the biggest orgasms she had ever had screaming to life inside of her. She collapsed, sagging against bonds that kept her upright and exposed. His hands left her body and she felt a pressure against the outer edge of her pussy. With hardly a moment's notice his cock thrust inside of her, his first thrust lifting her from the ground with its force.

He grabbed her hips, using them as leverage to increase his thrusts, each one causing his balls to smack against her pussy and her breasts to slap together.

The room that they were in echoed the cries of their passion. She ached for him to be rougher, his thrusts to be stronger, his hands to rake her flesh. Try as she might the gag in her mouth prevented her from making much more than grunting sounds and she soon gave up trying, resigning herself to his care.

He slammed his cock into her, her tight wet hole enveloping his member. She screamed again into the gag as another orgasm ripped through her. Had her legs not been restrained and her arms secured to the ceiling she likely would have collapsed, and her body did its best to relax, her legs going weak. She sagged against her bonds.

Her partner either took no notice or did not care about the state that she was in, continuing his thrusts. His hands slipped around, grabbing her breasts and twisting her nipples cruelly. He lifted each breast by the nipple, eliciting a pained protest from her.

His grunts and cries increased, seeming to come from all around her as the echoed from the bare studs and concrete floor. She tried to close her legs, an involuntary motion brought on by muscle contractions that rocked through her, but the iron bar that bound her legs kept them apart, her pussy remaining accessible to her partners use.

The speed of his thrusts increased until all of a sudden he stopped, almost motionless. Short seconds later a wave of hot cum erupted from his cock, spraying and coating the inside of her pussy.

He pulled his cock from her well used hole and without another word he turned and left the room. Bound as she was her legs forced apart by irons cruel embrace she could neither cover herself nor obstruct the flow of cum that had started to leak from her pussy.

Workers in black jumpsuits entered the room. Carefully but firmly they released the bonds that secured her arms over her head and she sighed as protesting muscles were allowed to ease into a more comfortable position. She could feel the cum leaking out of her and her thoughts were of getting into a hot shower and working the knots out of her arms.

She was surprised when instead of just helping her out of her bonds the workers pulled her arms behind her back. They were tied there, her skin bit by the grain of nylon rope. The spreader bar was removed from between her legs and they two were tied together, causing her to have to lean against one of the workers. She felt a hand squeeze one of her breasts and looked into the eyes of the man who was holding her up, he grinned lustily at her.

They carried her over to one corner of the room where a mattress had been tossed haphazardly. All at once the support that she was leaning against was removed and she toppled onto the mattress, bouncing with the force of her fall.

The two workers left her, the door shutting with a sense of finality. She squirmed into a position where she could be comfortable. Her pussy was sore from the abuse that it had endured earlier and she knew she was going to be walking a little funny the next day. This was something that she had never done before, and she was already enjoying herself a great deal.

She cried and squirmed under his care. This man was every bit as rough as the last. She could tell that she already had bruises forming from her rough treatment and she wondered how she was going to explain them. He rolled her over onto her back, further pinning her arms against the mattress. He slid his cock inside of her, the position of her legs making her pussy tighter than usual. The cum that was still leaking out of her from her last partner helped to ease his cock inside. He was bigger than the last man and she groaned through the obstacle in her mouth as his cock stretched out her aching pussy.

"you got something to say?" he asked

reaching behind her head he undid the gag, pulling it from her mouth and tossing it idaly to the side.

"fuck me harder" she pleaded with a groan

"what did you say slut?" he asked, slapping her ass roughly

"please fuck me harder sir" she begged

He rolled her over onto her side, her arms still restrained behind her back causing her to grunt in discomfort as sore joints protested the repositioning. Strong hands grasped her arm and one of her thighs, using them as leverage to pull her aching body against his. She moaned and screamed, her mouth now free of obstructions as his cock sunk deep into her pussy.

The force of his thrusts increased, bouncing her body around on the mattress in the throes of wanton passion, her body used as his sexy toy, bound and controlled for his pleasure. Her cries now unfettered filled the small room, echoing off the bare walls and cement floor. At the height of her pleasure she heard him grunt, sinking the length of his cock into her he cried out. She felt a wash of cum, molten in the heat of their passion flow forth, coating the inside of her abused pussy and pushing her over the edge into another screaming orgasm, one more in a long line of uncounted pleasure.

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