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About: Fifteen minutes later he was off, running to school, he checked his wrist watch and realized he couldn’t make it in time. He stopped and slowly headed home, skipping one day of school couldn’t hurt right? His day off was going to be one to remember.
 The sound of his step-mom leaving the house to work excited him as he rushed to the living room, on his way he passed a dressing mirror and looked up at himself. He was a little dark in complexion with large eyebrows and dark hazel eyes, he raised up his shirt and looked up at his flat tummy, then it occurred to him he hadn’t eaten, he rushed to the kitchen to scribble up some sausages and eggs, he headed to the refrigerator and sighed, his dad had stocked it with only red bull energy drinks, he had been urged numerous times to not take it, his dad wouldn’t notice it if he took one right? He grunted as he sipped all in one gulp. Stopping to catch a breath, he heard moans and grunts from his dads bedroom, he slowly coyed forth and peeped out of curiosity.
The maid had arrived a little early that day, just in time to meet Mrs. Kindred on her way to leave, she urged the maid to ensure the whole house was spot clean by the time she arrived, especially pointing out the cobwebs. She had started working when she realized the room was quite warm, she slowly wiped herself clean when she felt the desire to use the vacuum on her now wet and tiny pussy. She slowly walked outside and locked the main door with her keys. She was now alone and really horny. She had at least 6 hours before Michael would come home and she intended to spend at least half on her cunt.
       She slowly got rid of her tight naughty French maid outfits that revealed her robust and well shaped breasts, she was still in the prime of her age and sexually active, 28 or so. She slowly took it off as though feeling someone was watching her and she had the obligation to please him. Laying hallway across him bed, she started withdrawing her panties, slowly and with such precision that her pussy juice was all over it. She started off with her clitoris rubbing it slowly and patiently, she had obviously planned to cum hard. The she raised her clit’s lips and placed her forefinger in it slowly before retrieving, she did this on for two minutes and with every withdrawal she jerked and moaned. Now, she wanted a little bit of excitement and felt the obligation to use the mini vacuum before her, she slowly placed it on her upper it just above her hairy bush and switched it on, it was pleasing and she held the white sheets spread across the queens sized bed. Grunting as she felt it unsatisfactory enough, she moved it over to her dripping beautiful pussy in supersonic speed unaware of how fast, it sucked onto her like a magnet and she yelped then started feeling the hunger, the hunger for a huge cock, her eyes sped across the room for a dildo as she screamed and moaned out of pleasure, then she started jerking, her wet cunt was going to explode out of pleasure. She lay fully on her back on the bed and moaned as her whole body froze, she smiled fully at the minute long satisfaction before spotting Michael, he had been watching the whole time slowly pressing his dick and caressing it to the rhythm of her body movements. He stopped when he spotted her looking at him and rushed to his room upstairs. Scared of losing her only job, she felt the urge to confront he and she followed him totally naked. He rushed to his room and lay across the bed wondering if she actually noticed it was him.
The door opened and lo and behold, Michael found himself looking at her boobs, the thought hit him like a blow to him, ‘Blackmail!’. "I won’t tell dad if you give me what I wanted", he couldn’t believe himself but wanted her so desperately. "Senor", her Latina voice was even more sexy and he felt his bulge enlarging, she felt her pussy now feeling damp and wetting over the thought of submitting to blackmail, she felt the urge to play the same game too.
"Senor Mikel what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be in school?" the sound of his name being mentioned in Spanish was an aphrodisiac for him as he felt his heart rapidly beating with adrenaline pumping through his cocky veins. He backed forward seeing where she was going and she headed in front of him also spotting she now had the upper hand.
"Lemme see", she said eyeing the huge bulge in his pants. Excited, Michael rapidly removed his trousers as his loaded machine gun came out and hit his tummy at top speed. She placed a hand in her finger sexily and pushed him on the bed, he raised up on two elbows to see what her plan was, she was removing her earrings and he was rapidly getting rid of his shirt.
 Like teenagers his sexual excitement made him start soothing precum, he was so happy and couldn’t wait for her, he felt the urge to bounce on her and ram her on the floor. But like the blackmailing gentleman that he was, he slowed down on her. She finished bent down and placed his ‘hardhood’ into her dripping mouth, slowly giving him the blowjob of his life. He had had numerous sex encounters with different girls at high school but non like this, he wanted more, more of her sweet passionate lips. She now cupped his balls and weighed it, it was so damn heavy and she intended to empty all the cum in him. Stopping for a second, she placed her thumb at the end of his penis and started measuring it, "one-two-three-four-five!" she yelped with her eyes open, then got back to juicing him, he moaned and giggled when she bit the tip of his cock slowly. Now she couldn’t take it anymore, her pussy water was dripping on the floor and she was strictly urging herself to fuck him. She got up, the jumped on the bed and smiled, "I’m in control", and Michael looked at her shocked. She raised her one leg up and placed his penis at the lips of her vagina, and the took a deep breath before placing the monster into her cell room.
WATCH OUT FOR PART TWO… this my first book hoping for the best ;) comment please

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