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About: I’m so upset. Katie, your father is drinking…heavily. I’m afraid to stay home."

"What about Colleen?" she asked.

"Oh, she’ll be OK, I took her to her friend Sarah’s house. They sleep over all the time, but I’m scared. Can I stay here?" she slurred. As she stepped closer I could smell alcohol strong on her breath, so I knew Katie’s dad hadn’t been drinking alone. Mrs. O’Malley tottered unsteadily as she walked across the small room. She started to strip, removing her blouse and skirt before she reached the bed. Her bra and panties followed. Her body was pretty good for a 40-something woman. She looked like an older version of Katie and if Katie looked like this when she reached her forties I’d be extremely satisfied. She had what looked like 40-DD or larger breasts. He butt was firm and she had only a slight tummy; all in all a very pleasing sight—however not just now when Katie and I were renewing our love for each other. Mrs. O fell onto the bed reaching back for me as she did. She ripped my boxers from my body. "Oh, Katie, I’m so jealous of you. Your father hasn’t touched me in months. I need some loving so badly. She reached for my flaccid cock, stroking it slowly. "Oh, I shouldn’t be here, should I, Katie. Please don’t be mad at me." She reached over to Katie intending to kiss her on her cheek. She kissed her daughter then slid her lips over Katie’s. Her kiss was soft at first—motherly-- but that changed as Katie returned her kiss. Mrs. O grabbed the back of Katie’s head pressing her lips hard into Katie’s, her tongue forcing its way into her daughter’s mouth. She cupped Katie’s large soft breast before moving her hand to her nipple. They were rubbing each other skin on skin, heating each other. Mrs. O let go of my erection so she could rub Katie’s clit, soon driving Katie crazy with desire. Katie writhed under her mother’s touch. Her mom kissed her way down Katie’s body, teasing her navel with her tongue before settling her mouth over Katie’s mound. I looked at Katie wondering what to do. Katie mouthed the words, "Fuck her…hard." I positioned myself behind the woman I hoped would be my future mother-in-law, rubbing her ass before slipping my hand down to her slit. If she objected she should have said something, but since she didn’t I opened her canal with my fingers and slid my hard cock into her. She was wet—now I knew where Katie got it from—and her tunnel was so hot. I pushed all the way into her, holding her hips for balance I started to fuck her hard. All this was having a marvelous effect on her as she started to attack Katie’s cunt with zeal. She was drinking Katie’s pussy juice—slurping it up—as she sucked on Katie’s cunt. When she moved to Katie’s clit, nibbling and licking it, Katie went over the top. She tensed, motionless, before shaking with convulsions of sexual rapture. She went limp in a pool of her own sweat. As she lay back, her mom paid more attention to the fucking I was delivering. "Harder…harder… please." I was jamming my cock into her pussy with incredible force. At the angle I was using I had to hit her G-spot with every thrust. "Oohhh, damn, that feels so fucking good. Give it to me. Fill me with your cream. Oohhh, I’m…going…cuuummmming! Ooooohhhhh! Ooohhh" She would have collapsed if I weren’t fucking her and I had no intention of stopping.

"Ugh, I’m close. Just a little bit more." Mrs. O pulled off my cock and spun around at the same time that Katie revived. Cheek to cheek they jerked me off, my stream hitting Katie in the face before the next shot landed in her mouth. Her mom pushed her aside so the next rope landed in her mouth. My final shot landed on Mom’s chest. Katie licked my cum from her mom while Mom wiped it from her daughter’s face. "Damn, you taste good," Mrs. O said, "but then I found that out at dinner, didn’t I" I’ve eaten there many times but their bread never tasted so good before."

We climbed into the king sized bed with Katie in the middle. I lay on my back, head on a pillow, ready for sleep. Katie snuggled close, her knee over my legs, her left arm over my chest. I raised my arm so she could put her head on my shoulder and wrapped it around her body. We pulled up the blanket and drifted into a restless sleep.

It was still dark out when I roused, or should I say was roused from sleep. I felt someone tugging at my cock and licking it clean of the cum and Mrs. O’s pussy juice. Katie was still in my arms sound asleep so that left only her mom. Katie’s foot was pushed aside and my legs were pushed apart. When Katie rolled over she pulled most of the blankets with her. I could see her mom between my legs. She looked up, giving me a sheepish grin as she continued to suck on my cock which by now was again hard as granite.

"I need you to fuck me," she whispered, "fuck me in my ass. It’s been so fucking long since I had it that way…please." I didn’t want to cheat on Katie so I figured the best way to handle this was to wake her up. "Wha…?" she asked rubbing her eyes.

"Your mom wants me to fuck her ass." I explained.

"So…do it. You didn’t have to wake me up for that." And she immediately fell back asleep. I got up from the bed and positioned myself behind her. I brushed the tip of my cock against her slit, pre-cum dripped onto her labia and into her cunt. I pushed into her as she responded with a light moan. I gave her several hard thrusts, causing her to buck forward as I rammed into her. I pushed two fingers into her wet snatch along with my cock. "Oh, fuck, that feels so good. When are you going to do my ass?"

I pushed one of the fingers, moist with her lubricants, into her anus, moving it around to spread the lube and relax her anal muscles. When I thought she was ready I forced in the other. When the anus was sufficiently stretched I pulled my cock from her dripping pussy and aimed for her butt. There was a slight gape so I was able to push my cock head in easily. Once that was past her sphincter the job was simple. I pushed forward as she pushed back. It was only a moment before I was balls deep into her shitter. She moaned louder now and even more when I started to fuck her. When I reached around her hips for her clit I thought she would jump off the bed. I rammed her hard, partly to get myself off, partly to punish her for interrupting my plans for Katie and me. "Oh, God, that hurts…so… fucking… good." She started to shake all over as her climax neared and experienced one massive shudder when it hit her. She sunk to the bed, my cock still up her ass. I continued to ram it up her ass until—"I’m going to cum." She pulled herself off me and spun around, taking my dirty cock into her mouth. She was cum crazy. She couldn’t get enough of my juice into her mouth and would do anything to get it. When I finally came torrents of hot white cum jetted from my cock straight into her stomach. She milked me dry then licked my cock clean before returning to her side of the bed. I snuggled up against Katie. She rolled over again throwing arm and leg over me. I fell back asleep, exhausted from my exertions.

We three had breakfast the following morning then returned Katie’s mom to her home. Katie packed several bags and we headed to the airport. Katie would return to the Carolinas with me where we would live. Katie would attend school until our child was born then return until she graduated. I was thrilled to learn that she would have a girl. Another Katie in my life would be great.

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