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About: You are relaxing and taking your time getting undressed. You sense someone is watching you but are unable to see anyone there but you. You continue getting undressed. You slip out of your uniform shirt. Your bra is barely holding back your beautiful breasts.
 Again, you feel eyes on you. Still, you are unable to locate the source of this feeling. You caress your breasts through the material of your bra. Then, you stand and slide your uniform pants off. Your body exposed to the cool air of your room. You sit on the edge of the bed and rub the back of your neck. You close your eyes and lean your head back as you rotate your neck to relax.
 Suddenly you sit forward; certain there is someone there. You stand; body exposed to the eyes of anyone, yet there is no one there.
You remove your bra very slowly; looking at your breasts in the mirror from across the room. You are somewhat aroused by the fact that you are completely exposed and vulnerable to whomever walked into the room at that moment. You observe your body in the mirror and turn out the lights except for the small lamp on the night stand beside your bed.
You move back to the bed and sit on the side. You are beginning to get sexually aroused. You lie down on the bed and are gently caressing the under side of both breasts. You slide your right hand slowly downward to your midriff; then to your pubic bone. You are now caressing your left breast with your left hand and your right hand is circling around your upper, inner thighs and brushing gently across your clit.
Your eyes closed; you begin to slide your right hand inside your panties to feel the moistness of your juicy pussy. Your juices are flowing and there is a great deal of heat emanating from your velvety slit hole.
Pleasure is building. You slide one finger inside your pussy. You begin to finger yourself slowly; all the while, biting your lower lip and playing with your left nipple and breast. Moans begin to slowly escape your lips. You squint. Your pleasure is building. You start to finger your pussy at a feverish pace. You reach down with your left hand and grasp your right wrist. You push your finger inside your pussy all the way to the last knuckle.
You remove your fingers and lick the juices from your delicate digits. You still have your eyes closed and are trying not to get carried away in the moment, but the desire is more than you can stand. You sigh. You inhale deeply, flopping your arms out to your side.
Suddenly, without warning, there is a face between your legs. You look down to see who is licking your thighs only to find you cannot. The feelings of ecstasy are too great and you drop your head back on to the bed; eyes closed.
The feeling is intense. He has your body at his disposal; this mysterious stranger who seems so oddly familiar. He spreads your legs farther apart. He kisses each thigh; paying close attention to the creases at the hip joints. He kisses your bare hood. He moans quietly.
You reach down to grasp his head but he stops you. He grasps your hands in his and pins them to the bed. He thrusts his tongue inside of your pussy hard and deep. You whence in pleasure.

Before you can utter a sound he starts to lick the inner fold of your pussy. His tongue darts in and out of your pussy faster and faster. Your pleasure mounts. He senses your eminent release. He forces his tongue deeper inside your pussy than any tongue has ever been before. Your body is overcome with feelings of fire and ice. These feelings are boiling upward from the very core of your being. You start to flinch and twitch uncontrollably. You are trying to grasp his head. He refuses to release your hands and refuses to stop giving your pussy the tongue-lashing it has needed and deserved for so long.
Suddenly, with no warning and in one swift motion, he leaps upward and replaces his tongue with his cock; stabbing between the juicy pink fold of your pussy lips in one fail swoop. He pierces your pussy and thrusts into you as deep and hard as he can. At the same time, he covers your mouth with his and silences your screams of passion.
He starts to kiss you passionately all over your neck and breasts. He continuously strokes his cock inside you. He is thrusting deeper and slower than you have ever experienced. He then thrusts his manhood inside your pussy as deep as he can physically push it and hold it there. You both feel the twitching of the staff buried within your loins.
As he feels the muscles of your pussy contracting around his staff; milking the essence of his being from inside him, he pulls his manhood out of your pussy and stands there, waiting for your approval. For the first time, you are able to open your eyes and see who this mysterious man of passion is. He stands before you, stroking his cock long and slowly for your approval. You command him to release the essence from within his loins. He obliges by stroking himself harder and faster. As the pearls of his manhood spew forth, your eyes meet and he slides his cock inside your pussy for one last stroke to release his pent-up passion. He collapses on top of you and the two of you fall back in a state of spent passion. You open your eyes to see you are again alone and your hands are on your breast and pussy. Was this an erotic interlude with a mysterious man of passion? Or was this an elaborate demonstration of the desires of one woman and one man, 1,000 miles apart and connected through the power of imagination? You may never know. You close your eyes; not caring at that point; just basking in the after-glow of an exceptional sexual encounter, however real or imagined it might have been!


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