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About: " I am A contractor. I design the buildings for him." I smiled and said " Archutecture Is so uniqe I studied it alittle in college." He said " What do you major in. " I smiled and said " I'm a major in Buisness. I have little things on the side like Archutecture, Art, Acounting and Multiply Sciences." He smiled and said " I must say Julia you are a busy woman." I laughed and said " Thank you " Dexter said " Victor are you coming to the meeting tommorow." He nodded and said " Ok My secratary quit and I didn't know who was all coming." I looked up at Dexter and said " Is there a job opening." he nodded and I said as we walked over to the bar. " You know I could be your secratary please Dexter." He laughed and nodded " Ok then I guess I have a secretary" I smiled and said " Thank you" He laughed and ordered us drinks. I got a Vodka saucer and he got plain Vodka." Thanks." He nodded and A woman came over to us. She kinda looked like Dexter. The girl next to the woman looked exactly like the woman. " Dexter " He turned around and said " Mother, Adriana" I looked at him. The woman said " Get rid of your little slut and come on you need to go on stage and speak" I frowned at the women. She did not just call me a slut. " Mother she is not a slut. This is my date and you will not talk to her that way." I looked at Dexter shocked at what he said to his mother. " In A dress like that she is clearly a slut." I said " Miss I don't know who you are or Why you are judging me by a dress that clearly covers more than yours does. But I'd appriciate it if you wouldn't call me a slut." She looked shocked and Dexter smiled and wrapped an arm around my shoulder. " Mother Julia has clearly proven a point and As you said I need to go on stage." We walked away and walked over to the Stage. " Dexter I can go wait with Landon and Jessica. " He smiled and said " They left. The smoke was messing with Jessica." I nodded and said " I can wait down here then." He shook his head and said " Come up here with me you are my secretary." I nodded and we walked on stage. " Hello everyone as you all know I am Dexter Lorenzo President of Still Doll's Insurance Company. I would like to introduce to you my new Secretary Julia Lannings." I smiled. " We are celibrating the 60th anniversery of Still Doll's Modeling incorparated and All the work My father put into it. He shall live on with the company as long as it goes on. So lets Celibrate and Have 60 more years ." Everyone raised there glasses and Drank. We walked off of the stage and he said " Do you want to go" I nodded and said " Kinda" He nodded and we walked to the door that we came in. The limo wasn't the one we came in on but it was one of his. " Jessica and Landon took The other one to your house. " I nodded and said when we go to my house. " Do you want to come inside or do you want to go home." He smiled and said " I would love to come in." I smiled and he got out then he helped me out. We walked to the door and I pulled my keys out. I unlocked the door and saw Lake passed out on the couch. I laughed and said " Um give me a second." He nodded and I walked over to the couch.I crouched down and said " Lake wake up" He opened his eyes and said " Your home was He as hot as the picture on there website" I laughed and said " Well why don't you look for your self" I pointed over to the door and Lake glared at me. " You could of told me he was here." I smiled and kissed his cheek " Go sleep in your room and not on the couch." He smiled and said " Night Jules." I smiled and Walked over to Dexter. " Wanna watch a movie." He nodded and said " Sure why not." I smiled and said " I'm gonna go change I'll be back." He nodded I ran up to my room and Lake was sitting on my bed. I pulled my shoes off and said "What" He smiled and said " You look happy." I smiled and pulled my dress off" And I can't look happy." I went into my closet and put on a Black tanktop and walked out of the closet " Of course you can be happy." I smiled and walked over to my Dresser to find my Black pj shorts with red lips on them. I found them and put them on. " He is way hotter in person" He laughed at me and said " You better get down there." i smiled and kissed his cheek " Get out of my room" He nodded and followed me out but went the opposite way. I walked back down the stairs and Dexter was sitting on the couch. He smiled at me when I came down. " Do you want popcorn or chips. " He nodded and we walked to the kitchen. I looked for the popcorn and found it. I was trying to grab it but it was to high. Dexter came up behind me and handed it to me. I smiled and said " thanks " He smiled and went to sit back on the stool. I pulled out Doritos and Hot chips My two fave chips. The popcorn beeped and I pulled it out and Put it in a big bowl. He smiled and said " Drinks" I pointed to the refrigerator. He nodded and got two cokes out. We walked into the living room and I said " We could Watch one in my room if you wanted." He nodded and I pulled Fast 5 off of the shelves. We walked to my room and I sat the food on my bedside table. I pick all of my clothes up off of the floor and said " Sorry about the mess. Jessica told me today that I was going to your banquet." He nodded and I put all of the clothes in the hamper. I put the movie in the Play Stataion 3 and Sat on my bed. I pressed play and He took his blazer off and shirt. I acted like I wasn't paying attention. He took his pants off and I said " Do you want a pair of pajama pants " He said " Doesn't matter to me" I nodded and walked to my door . I ran down the hall to Jessica and Landon's room. I opened the door and They were laying in bed. Jessica was asleep and Landon was watching tv. I smiled and went over to their dresser. I pulled a the pair of pj pants that matched my shorts. Jessica bought everyone a pair for valentines day. " What are you doing Jules." Landon whisperd. I smiled and said " I'm getting Dexter a pair of Pants to sleep in." He smirked and said " You know he is not going to sleep in them. I mean how many guys do you actually know that sleeps in pants." I smiled and said " Well I didn't know that. But I'm not going to look like an idiot." He laughed quitly and nodded.I walked out of the room saying " Night" I walked back to my room and said " Here you go" He smiled and slipped them on. " Thanks" I sat on the bed . He got in bed but didn't get in the covers. I frowned and said " If you prefer to sleep on the floor I can get more covers a" I was cut of by him kissing me. He pulled me onto his lap and said " I am perfectly fine right here. " I was the one to ignite the kiss this time and I wrapped my arms around his neck. We kissed for awhile and He pulled my tank top off. He kissed the nape of my neck. I moaned and he flipped us over so I was on the bottom. He looked down at me and said " I have wanted to do that all night." I laughed and brought him down to kiss me again.I used my feet to push his pants and Boxers off. He said Against my lips " Your really skilled with your feet." I laughed and he pulled my shorts and panties off. Before He slammed his cock inside me. It made me cum right then an there and I held him close to my body. He was so damn huge and filled me more then enough. I moaned as he went faster. I kissed him and pulled at his hair. He groaned and kissed me back harder. " Ugh Dexter harder." He did as I wished.

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