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It's about foreplay on the outside leading to hot heavy sex in the bedroom,Now think about it when some men act to macho and non romantic this tends to make the woman mad,and then the men have the nerve to ask for exciting sex later.when you act like this expect a slap or her turning over.Well I'm here to help

Now this isn't a perfect science,we all have problems and stressful issues. But to try to keep the spice and to let her know she's still a fox and in her mind you want ravish her cause you can't get enough of her.For my Brothers of the world this flirtation and foreplay is easy and will enhance things.Come read and use the knowledge.

Outdoor sex is about being witty,affectionate,sneaky,and smart thinking.This can be done any where, but as an example we'll have you two heading to the mall together. We can really cover all the styles with this example.But remember treat what I say as something to mold for yourself. Now everyone is different and you can find your path.But don't stand by these caveman who think a woman's place is beneath them-

The kind of guy who thinks he can take what he likes,and doesn't care about a woman's pleasure.But your a real man and want that sexy edge with James Bond hybrid with Rambo-meets Billy Dee Williams.Very Dangerous combination. Lets go on the trip brother.

Okay walking through the mall hold hands with her as your walking,but let go from time to time not to be to clingy, but as you move to hold her hand give it a warm kiss on the top or the sharp gentleman peck on the hand then proceed.The warm kiss tuck in close, the gentleman peck might seem corny-but look deeper-It's sweet and make her blush and other women see this and might nodge your woman and say wow she's lucky.Brownie points now and steamy ones later.

Now walking in a clothes store with both men and women's stuff.Now before you part with her go in for the sneaky affection.Kiss her on her shoulder up to her neck,let her lean back on you and tell you'll be over on the side and say you'll miss her and can't wait to get back to her.Leave the shutters in her sexual soul.

Now u come back to her and of course greet with hug and kiss or welcoming kiss. She likes a certain dress is not sure-(hurry up and pick something wrong words) Start telling her what colors you like to see on her and what u find attractive on her.Now be fresh without being fresh-talk to her outside the box as if your the person who made the dress for her.

Try-Honey turn around your ass sticks out nice in that,make that lower show more curves on it.Get that one cause it helps me to have easier access to your goodies and then smile-fun slap on the arm and a blush from her,and a slight wet spilling in her panty's-tell you'd love to show her off in the club with that on-now this exercise works more if she's buying a sexy or hybrid sexy causal style.bonus tell her to go try it on and model for you.A comment may enter the air as to say your bad from her lips.Score your racking up now.

Head to a fun place like an arcade-(An Arcade) that's right, Why because u need to start having fun again,and challenge each other alittle,this brings up tense sexual fun,or play something that uses team work.win or lose give her kisses and slaps on the ass-See how many times have you heard a older woman say he's no fun anymore. Don't be that guy,nothing wrong with being a grown up and set some rules but lose all the kid in you. That's why uncle so and so is so nice and grandpa is fun or your kids run up to you like their favorite movie star and better-also bring the girl back in her to. Ever see older people with a youthful appeal, and then see younger people then them who look beat up almost aging on the spot.Have fun.

Now the sneaky slap on the ass,can be applied any where. doesn't have to be a wined up. quick taps with a nice caress followed by a kiss and maybe a comment like damn I can't get enough of you. love your juicy kisses,take a bite out of you things of those natures.Also say it in a compacted space for you and her.Sexual comfort zone u can fuse around her.

Try a movie and kiss in between the movie,slide your hands around her theigh's and her back,The same goes for a late lunch. feed each other at the table,play footsies with her.share drinks and food,invite her into your world to,ask her options and look deep into her eyes. Make funny but sexy innuando's about a product that looks sexual and tease her on how u will do something wild with her tonight,but now it will happen do to the romantic way you have showing her. She seems more interested and even throws her sexual hat on the table.

Some other tricks like a nice massage in the middle of know where with her asking,you just watched her actions-short stops in semi-private area to french kiss and some molesting feels,then go back to doing what u were doing. like nothing happened.Build the fire that she will blaze in the bedroom.

Now remember Modify this to your strengths.If your big and burly show her why you popa bear,your funny and witty use it. It's whats inside that counts-now when you get home pop a B-vitamin cause she's going to rock your world-Darklover thanks again

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