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About: " She giggled, "I bet you’re used to women screaming for their lives at the end of this cock."


She laughed again, so husky and sensual, the low registers of her voice belying her age. "Modesty, hmm? It’s funny how people change when death is imminent."

"I was humbled before I met you."

"Life humbles us all, but death should be faced with boldness. Do you want to walk into the next life with your head hung low?"

"I’m going straight to hell anyway."

"Well then, let me deliver you in style." She chuckled, and bit into my neck once more.

I groaned, my head becoming lighter by the second, the sensations in my loins becoming more intense. My thoughts drifted to Sherok, then to Trenok, then to nothing at all. It was better that way. Frankly, it was quite rude of them to intrude my mind in my last moments. How selfish of them.

Gloria’s fangs retracted, and she sucked upon my wounds before departing them. "You know," she gasped, forcing her pelvis down to take all of me inside her, "you taste a little like Adrianna."

"She carries my granddaughter." I mumbled, hardly aware of what I was saying. The world was becoming darker, and I was becoming less a part of it. I wasn’t drifting away, I was drifting to nothing. Perhaps there was no heaven or hell. Perhaps this was it, and there would be no more. I liked the idea.

"What a strange circumstance of coincidence this all is." Gloria mused, licking the wounds in my throat.

"God exists to bring interesting people together." I muttered.

"Where did you hear that?"

"I made it up."

She laughed again. "I love it. Who would’ve thought I’d learn a profound philosophy from a one-eyed orc?"

She held my bald head in her hands as she drank from me, her fingers so cool, so delicate against my pate. Her thumbs extended to massage the tension from my jaw, then my cheekbones, then my temple. I was left slack-jawed and vacant, a being of sensation without thought, simply feeling the myriad pleasures of her flesh on mine. She kissed my throat again, and again, she sank her fangs into the wounds. This was it. My heart was beating so slowly. My flesh was becoming numb. My vision was so dim. The world was falling away, or was I just sinking? Sinking through rock and time to exist forever in the last moment of my consciousness.


I winked open my eye. I was in a bed. I was so weak. I could not even lift my finger, nor turn my head to see who had spoken. She did it for me. Adrianna’s face filled my vision. She had much more color to her complexion then when I’d seen her all pale and shriveled on the floor. There were wounds in her temples that had been bandaged, and her throat was wrapped, two blood spots leaking through the gauze. I struggled to rotate my eyeball in its socket to look down at my body. I wished I hadn’t. I was nothing but skin and bone, my muscles wasted and shriveled, my complexion nearly white. I was too exhausted to truly process the horror of it all, and that was a mercy, I guessed, but there was no doubt about it, I was dying.

"She said that you told her something intriguing," Adrianna said, "and that she wanted us to see each other for… whatever reasons she has."

"I could’ve died getting fucked." I croaked, "Now I have to talk to you instead. I couldn’t just keep my fucking mouth shut, could I?"

Adrianna smiled. I wished she hadn’t. It was beautiful.

"I never wanted to see you again." I said.

"The feeling was mutual."

"Hating you was so easy when I didn’t have to look at you."

"I never hated you, Brock."

"Don’t say that," I smiled weakly, "unrequited hatred is worse than unrequited love."

"‘Unrequited’ is a big word for a dumb fucking orc."

I coughed instead of laughed. "My dad always told me I was too smart for my own good, and too dumb to realize it. He turned out to be a prophet."

Adrianna’s smile stayed on her face. "What happened to you, Brock?"

"I lost."

"A battle?"


"Everything?" She asked, implying another question.

"Everything." I answered, and saw her face fall.

"I’m so sorry." She whispered, her eyes glistening. It angered me to see it. That she could weep so easily for a man she hardly knew, and I could only swallow the grief into the pit of my belly for a son that had been everything?!

I focused my eye on hers, "We were fighting a war we would never win. You know that, don’t you?"

She nodded.

"You fucking elves. Even when you’re on our side, you’re all just a bunch of scheming cunts!"

"You’re right."

"You don’t care about us! This war isn’t about orcs and elves; It’s about elves and elves! We’re just bodies."


"Stop fucking agreeing with me!" I screamed. I didn’t realize there were tears running down one side of my face until it was too late. I could not hide them from her. I could only bear them shamefully.

"I wish I could say you are wrong, Brock, but you’re not. Your people have been used and stepped on time and time again, but there is hope for you." She took my hand in hers, placed it against her belly, and wrapped her hands over mine. I didn’t know if I could feel the child in there, or if my dying mind was just fabricating it. It didn’t matter, for I sensed someone in there, someone like me. "Sherok will be raised by orcs. She will learn orc ways and orc traditions, and with Terdini strength in her veins, and my speed in her reflexes, she will be the greatest of our kind. She will lead Alkandra one day, for Yavara has no interest in governing. Bit by bit, she will unlink the chains that hold your people down."

"You promise?" I croaked.

"On my life."

A pair of red eyes illuminated from the darkness, their glint tinged with hunger. Adrianna looked at them, and let my hand drop to the bed.

"I’ll say ‘hi’ to April for you." I said.

"Tell her not to wait up for me. Thomas Adarian is already dead."

"That ain’t how it works, Adrianna. People change, but they don’t die until they’re dead. Why else would you be creeping around the vampire caves with a strongbox in your arms?" I coughed on another laugh, "Yavara is gonna be pissed at you! Maybe you can say ‘hi’ to April yourself!"

"Maybe." She smiled, and leaned forward, her lips opening.

"Don’t." I muttered, "Not you. Not ever."

She paused above me, and nodded in understanding. "Goodbye, Brock. And thank you." She said, and left.

She disappeared into the darkness, and Gloria’s ivory figured reappeared, her hips rolling, her breasts bobbing, her predator’s smile stretching across her lips to expose her long sharp fangs. Though no part of me seemed to work anymore, my cock grew as hard as it ever had. I smiled back at the face of death as she crawled atop me, and welcomed me deep into her sweet heat. Then I kissed those red lips, and tasted my blood on them, and it was the greatest kiss I’d ever known. She parted with one of my last breaths in her mouth, and smiled down on me, pulling my loins into her with her erogenous muscles. My balls began to roil, my taint began to churn, and the pressure built at the bottom of my cock, more pleasurable than I’d ever known. She isolated me within her curtain of black hair, and hypnotized me with her depthless eyes. I didn’t even notice when they left my vision. I saw them in my mind’s eye, but my eye could not see anymore. I felt her lush lips draw against my neck, and I felt her fangs stab me so pleasantly. She drank my life from me, and I gave her the rest with one last thrust.

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