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About: Kelly forced a smile "well baby that’s what a good cum dumpster does right she gets all the cum".

Joe smiled at her "sit by us we’ve bought a toy for you". She sat down Joe opened a box they had purchases a clit vibrator, Joe took the waist band of her panties and gently pulled them forward, so he could put it on her clit with a push of the button it started to slowly vibrate her clit. Here eye’s opened wide, "wow this fucken thing feel great I know one cunt who is going to blow really hard". Cal told her, "that’s what we want let’s get to your bedroom we all need to bust a nut, our sacks are full up". Kelly stood up the vibrator was working it magic she was already feeling the tingle deep in her pussy. As she wiggled her ass walking down the hall she looked over her shoulder with a big smile "a good cum dumpster can drain you dry I know I’m going too".

As they got into her bedroom she grabbed Cal, she stuck her tongue down his throat as her body shuddered from the vibrator causing her to orgasm she moaned in his mouth she grunted as her pussy started to flow juice down her legs. The guys were all smiles as had another shuddering orgasm in front of them, Jerry removed the vibrator. She stood there for almost 30 seconds finally she asked, "after that clit thing this cunt needs to be fucked is anyone interested"? Cal pulled her panties down she laid down on the bed she spread her legs wide, Cal got between her legs. As the head of his cock parted her pussy lips she moaned again the vibrator had caused her clit to be super sensitive so as his cock pushed deep she was having small orgasms constantly. Jerry got on her side he stuck his cock in her mouth she started sucking while Joe who was on the other side sucked her nipples. She was moaning and making small animal noises as she was building to an enormous climax. Two other guys were standing watching waiting their turn.

She was trying to hold off the orgasm but after several minutes of this sexual stimulation she moaned she had a huge sexual release, at that moment Jerry’s cock blasted a large load of sperm down her throat she pushed back so the rest of his cum was deposited in her mouth. Cal pulled her deep she felt his cock pumping hot sperm deep in her pussy this caused her to spasm and climax almost constantly. Cal rolled off while Jerry’s cock came out of her mouth with a plop.

Joe cock was rock hard, she looked over at him, "well honey now that the cum slut is warmed up why not leave a large deposit of cum in me your cock looks like it’s ready is ready", she was giggling. Joe rolled her over lubed his cock she knew he wanted her ass she pushed it up for him, she felt the head go in he was well lubed so in a very short time he was balls deep. He pumped her for several minutes while she sucked Cals cock. Finally, she felt Joe’s hands on her hips she knew what was coming, she felt cum being pumped into her bowels it caused her to spasm yes, she had another orgasm.

Joe removed his cock with a plop noise, they all laughed, Joe told her "Kelly you’ve got the best ass I’ve ever had that’s not to say your pussy isn’t wonderful and you are the best cock sucker we’ve ever known". She smiled she looked him straight in the eye’s "baby I’m a cum slut you guys can use me anytime you like I didn’t want to admit it but I realize I’m your cum slut cunt there are still two cocks which need my attention now".

Toby closed his door, Moose smiled, "Ok Tabby get those panties off", Toby looked at him he started to take off his shorts. Now he was standing there in nothing but his briefs. Dosser looked at Moose hey man the last time did he jerk off for us"? Before Moose could answer one of the new guy Tom, chuckled I’m going to give him a prostrate message, so he’ll really blow a wad but first I’d like to fuck that young tight ass, ok with you guys"? They both nodded in agreement. Tom had a huge cock Toby started crying but Tom had used a lot of lube the big monster went in after a couple of pushes.

Occasionally, they could hear Kelly moaning in the throws of a strong orgasm, but Toby was fucked by all four guys. Moose was the first to get a blow job Toby tried his best to get them off quickly but since they had all fucked him once already it took a while. As he was sucking his third cock of the afternoon he knew he would be rewarded with another mouthful of cum what he didn’t understand was it wasn’t really that bad sucking or swallowing. The new guys Jerry sat on the bed, "ok Tabby turn around we want you to jerk off". Toby looked at him, "please you’ve fucked my ass and I’ve sucked your cocks but jerking off in front of you". Jerry put his hand up Toby knew this wasn’t good.

Dosser grabbed his arms, while Moose started jerking his cock, suddenly he felt two fingers in his ass. Dosser released his arms he took his phone, so they could record the session. After a while Toby realized his cock was hard as a rock he was close to blowing a wad, instead of thinking about a girl or his mom he was thinking about the butt fucking he had gotten earlier. Toby felt the two fingers push deep in his ass he felt a tingle; his ball tighten he started coming like crazy.

The guys laughed "well Tabby now that your nut sack is empty I think we may fuck you again, what do you think"? Toby smiled "I think I could get used to this if you guys would come over more often". My god did I just say that went through his head. When the guys left it was 5:30 Toby was leaking cum, he was full of cum from sucking cock and swallowing. He decided to check on his mom.

Kelly was sitting on her bed she did have a glow the look of a well fucked women. Again, like before she was covered in cum, she was leaking cum worse than Toby. Toby looked at he "you know what mom", "what baby"? "The covered in cum thing is a good look for you, frankly it’s hot to see you walk around with cum oozing out of your panties. Having every part of your body with cum on it really suits you". She tried to smile "I guess so, but we took pictures before the guys left they sent them to me email, I’m embarrassed". "Why mom your hot so what’s the issue". "Turn my laptop on", he did he saw the icon marked CS "is it CS I need to open"? She nodded yes.

There was Kelly in her yellow panties with a mouthful of cum, she smiled at the camera then swallowed it down, "I love sucking cock and swallowing cum, I really like being fucked by two guys at the same time ass and cunt. I’m Cal and Joe’s black and white cum slut"! Toby watched in shock, "my god mom why"? She lowered her eye’s "they told me they would like me to do it, so I did". Toby just shook his head.


"Well here’s the video they took of me sucking cock, swallowing cum and giving rim jobs. Then it shows them jerking me off while at the same time they are giving me a prostrate message. I have to admit the prostrate massage was something I’ve never come that much in my life". She looked at him, "I know how you feel they bought me a clit ring, with it on I’m a mega squirter. I’m embarrassed but when they use it on me my cunt feels wonderful, then after I squirt I get as horny as hell. If I get fucked right after it makes me cum like a faucet it great, so what do I do"?

Toby chuckled, "mom I have to tell you they asked me if I liked being butt fucked, I had to admit I’m beginning to like it, sucking cock isn’t all that bad either. I was hoping you could give me a few pointers on cock sucking". Kelly just looked at Toby.

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