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About: Veins and muscle fibers telegraphed through the skin on his forearms, bearing her weight and pulling her down toward his hips.

Legs kicked frantically at his thick tree like thighs. He hardly noticed, such was his focus on his task. Her hands pushed on his knees, trying to fight his pull, yet unwittingly helping him keep her body in proper alignment.

Thick purple bulbous head pressed, whitening at the point of contact. Her tight ring was both a gateway and obstacle to his intended invasion. His lips curled in a snarl, biceps bulged and pectoral muscles strained. He leaned backwards to push his hips forward. His shaft bent from the mounting pressure, bending like a tightly strung bow. The thick pink ring began to give way. High pitched screams echoed off the walls of an enclosed room. Entry was slow, the flared head stretching the pink ring slowly and unyieldingly, like the incoming tide. Screams similar to those of sea gulls fell on deaf ears. Grunts passed through his gnashed teeth.

Her teeth also gnashed, her head thrown up and back, eyes screwed shut. Thighs and buttocks clenched like knotted rope, fighting the unwanted penetration.

There was no audible pop, but he felt it through his soul, when the thick ring snapped over his flared rim. He paused, just for a moment, letting out his breath in a long slow deflation.

Her wriggles became more frantic. Her hands left his knees to punch at shin and calf. Her weight shifted forward, dropping, but his hands remained solid as a vice. Her clenched muscles didn’t help her as they trapped the knob tightly within her.

He groaned in pleasure before inhaling deeply and renewing his efforts to pull her hips toward his own. He made slow and steady progress. A band of extreme pressure worked slowly down his shaft. His fingers clenched and pulled, his shoulders strained, he threw his head back and leaned into her, pressing relentlessly. He may have been an impressive specimen of straining muscle, but she was nearly equal to the challenge.

Her washboard belly clenched, as did her robust sphincter. Tight buttocks were hard like fists. She shrieked like a cat, and although she could feel the invasion slowly gaining headway, her nether ring slowly stretching more and more, she continued to fight.

He pushed on. Every painful and slow millimeter gained, felt like being immersed in a warm fluid of pleasure inducing euphoria. He couldn’t have stopped himself had he wanted to, such was the promise of greater pleasure ahead. Veins bulged, nearly to the point of bursting, before sliding ever slowly out of view inside her ring. He began to suck in slow ragged breaths.

She began to pant and squeal. Her heels were now kicking at his back, the motion only helped him gain headway.

It was almost done. His eyes wide and barely focused made out the diminishing gap between his muscular abdomen and her bottom most curves.

Through gritted teeth, her squeals turned to grunts. Her hands went back to pushing on his lower thighs, thin arms struggled to lift herself away from him. Their hips met. Firm buttocks met masculine hip bones. Swaying scrotum bumped against bare pubis. Barely noticeable, despite the staggering effort she put up in her fight to repel the invader, a small trickle, starting with just one drop, a clear viscous fluid dripped. From pink cleft, it dropped, alighting on the wrinkled skin of his swaying sack, before elongating and stretching toward the floor. It hung in midair for a moment, before snapping and falling to the floor with an inaudible splat.

His chest rumbled like a lions. He leaned forward, withdrawing his shaft slowly away from the steel grip of his hands.

The thick ring refused to loosen its grip, the pink sheath stretched away, continuing to fully encase his prong. Then it could stretch no further, and the shaft began to reappear, veins popped back up from the released pressure, slickened by a clear moisture.

He reversed his motion, not wanting to be any further outside his most pleasurable encasement. He pressed the ring back inside her.

She grunted and fought against him once more, trying with all her might to keep him from regaining his conquered territory. This battle was just as futile as the first and he wasn’t delayed for long, before manly pelvis mashed into feminine buttock.

His sack, stretched from holding leaden testicles, swung up to gently slap distended clit and pubic mound. It came away, smeared in thick clear fluid, this time it connected the two in a curving strand, slowly stretching. It nearly made it to the floor in one long string, before breaking and joining the previous offering. He pulled back again, the motions, the grunts, the squeals and the clenching muscles repeated. Each time he sawed into her, her body gave way more easily. The dripping fluids began to slicken his hips and shaft.

Her thick pink ring now glistened with the moisture. Her grip remained as tight, but the friction decreased and his pace quickened. It wasn’t long before a wet spot on the floor went from one of his feet to the other.

His hips were bucking back and forth rapidly. He groaned in non-stop pleasure, his head thrown back and his eyes squeezed shut. A sheen of sweat made his body look like a glistening statue.

Her head was now bobbling about, her arms hung limply from her body, hanging toward the floor, like her legs. Her wail was punctuated with breaks with each thrust forward. Her body had been shaking through waves of pleasure, peaking and waning, and peaking yet again.

The sound of a heavy wet scrotum slapping against a bare lower belly accented each thrust. His knees bent, his hips shifted lower, his stance broadened as his ultimate explosion of pleasure neared.

Her feet rose to rest on the top of his hips, her knees pushed upward and outward from her body as it unconsciously opened to accept his ultimate penetrations as deeply as possible.

Their bodies met with forceful shudders. They were focused on one thing only, the immense pleasure emanating from where her tight pink thick ring clasped his meaty veiny shaft. The waves of this pleasure washed over each, making them nothing more than mindless beasts.

Her hair hung loose, drool dripped from her mouth, similar to the drool from her enflamed slit. She was lost to the world around her. Around her neck, a golden pendant swung. Dangling on the delicate golden chain, was a single glittering letter.

The letter which told him that she was available for the treatment she was receiving. A single letter on a chain, interpreted by one person, to indicate what the wearer desired most deeply.

To the other person, it was a gift from a grandparent that signified the first letter of her name.

As it turned out, both interpretations turned out to be unexpected, yet true.

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