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About: I didn't need to be asked what to do as I opened my mouth wide leaned forward and took his big cock head on my mouth and took a big breath. George shoved half his nine inch cock in my mouth until it came to the beginning of my throat and pulled it out until only his cock head was in my mouth.

On each side of George Jason and Henry stood looking at me while massaging their thick hard cocks. "Give it to her good and hard guys." Henry moaned. "I need to drop a big load after watching that hot porno and I'm sure not going to waste it in my hand or floor."

I felt as George pull his cock out of my mouth until only his huge cock head was in my mouth. He then gripped my head between his large black hands and shoved his cock into my mouth and down my throat until his big heavy balls smacked my bottom lip and chin. "Oh yes that's nice." He moaned not moving a couple of seconds before he began pulling his big cock out of my mouth allowing me to take a deep breath through my nose before ramming it back down my throat again.

I felt Elvin slam his cock deep into my ass. The way he shoved his cock into my ass pressed down against my clit and once more I had yet another large orgasm. Too many to count by now. I felt as Elvin pull his hard eleven inch cock out of my ass all the way only to punch through my sphincter again. I pushed my ass back as Elvin rammed his entire cock into me until his big loaded balls smacked my hot pussy causing yet another hot orgasm. "Fuck this is one hot cum dripping ass hole. I've got to love how it swishes around my cock."

George gripped my head harder as his big cock rammed down my throat again only to be pulled out of my throat and then being rammed back down my throat again and again. "Fuck this throat is coated in cum and is like velvet to my cock." He didn't waste a second after I took a deep breath ramming his cock back down my throat once more. "Damn I'm ready to shoot my load already."

"So am I." Elvin moaned with his cock deep into my ass his balls pressed against my pussy I felt his big balls pushing up as his cock vibrated inside my ass. He pulled his eleven inch beer can thick cock out of my ass spurting at least two loads across my head and back. "That was one fine fuck."

"You can say that again." George moaned as he pulled his nine inch cock out of my mouth. He stepped back cum dripping from the end of his huge cock head.

No sooner than Elvin stood up and moved away from me Jason was behind me. "I claim that cum dripping pussy. I always fantasized fucking a well fucked pussy."

I opened my mouth wide as Henry approached me. He was holding his rigid cock out toward my open mouth. As soon as he was directly in front of me he pushed his huge cock head in my mouth. "OH yes this was worth the wait!"

"Oh yes, take my cock." I heard Jason saying from behind me. I felt as his huge cock entered my hot pussy and shoved all the way into me pressing against my hot pussy causing me to have yet another orgasm. I felt him taking a hold of my hips instead of leaning over me and wrapping his arms around me. I could tell Jason meant business as he yanked his entire cock out of my pussy and plowed it into my hot pussy.

Henry kept pounding his big cock down my throat giving me time to take a breath in between. He was soon huffing and pounding as he fucked my mouth. "Fuck I'm getting close already."

"Fuck this hot pussy dripping with cum is just too much to hold back. "Oh yes take my load slut." Jason moaned shooting his hot cum into my pussy before pulling out and spraying my back with a couple more loads.

Henry shoved his cock down my throat one last time as his cock vibrated in my throat. He pulled his cock out spurting big loads across my tongue and then shooting a few more loads over my head, hair and face.

"Okay I'm ready for seconds but this time I want his hot mouth." Elvis said pushing in front of Henry and pressing his hard cock against my lips. I had no choice but to open my mouth wide.

Before I could move George was behind me ramming his very thick over a foot long cock into my hot freshly cum dripping pussy. Once more pussy was being pounded in and out this time by George's huge cock. He was reaching up and gripping each of my shoulders this time. He pounded his big cock in and out of my pussy faster and harder.

I looked up as Elvis looked down his brown eyes aflame as he gripped my head between his big brown hands. He pounded my throat thankfully giving me time to take a good breath between his thrusting his cock down my throat and then repeating that action over and over again. "Sorry this is going to take a while to build up a decent amount of cum to fill your stomach with." Elvis laughed.

"Don' t worry Elvis it's going to take me a while also." George groaned from behind me as he continued to ram his big cock in and out of my pussy. I swear he had to be fucking me a good half hour before he moaned. "I'm ready to dump my load slut." I felt his cock expanding in my hot pussy and knew he was commencing to unload a big load of fresh cum deep inside my pussy. He finally pulled out spurting at least six more big loads over my head, all over my hair and down my back. I was sweating and sticky by the time George yanked his cock out of my cum dripping pussy.

Elvis gripped my head between his large hands, then rammed his cock down my throat hard and I felt as it vibrated in my throat. He pulled it out until only his big cock head was in my mouth and unloaded another big load then unloaded a good six more spurts over my head and in my hair, and all over my cum plastered face. As his big eleven inch cock spurted yet another couple of loads across my freshly cum covered face.

Elvis had just managed to step to one side when Jason was in front of me while I was licking the fresh cum from my lips. I looked up at Jason and opened my mouth wide. He shoved his cock in my mouth allowing me a few seconds to take a deep breath before ramming his thick cock down my throat with his big balls slamming against my bottom lip.

I soon felt as Henry take a hold of my hips and pushed the head of his thick cock into my welcoming ass. I felt it again as his big balls slapped my pussy. Now the ass fucking was really starting. I hoped it wouldn't be too long my poor knees were beginning to throb from the pain of being on them for so long. However, I still wanted Henry's lovely big cock pounding my hot cum filled ass and Jason to pound his cock in and out of throat.

As with Elvin and George, Jason and Henry pounded both my ass and throat for a good half hour before they were both huffing and puffing sliding around on my sweaty cum covered body. Henry was the first to fire his hot cum in my hot ass followed by Jason down my throat with each of them spurting at least six big loads each all over my cum and sweat covered body.

Jason and Henry had no sooner pulled their big cocks out of my ass and throat when I heard someone yelling and I do mean yell. "HOLY SHIT, who needs porno when we have this hot white slut right here alive in the theater with us."

I looked behind me to see a six foot four muscular black twenty-something standing looking at me with his mouth wide open.

That's when I heard a lot of shouting throughout the theater as I looked around at least a dozen hot muscular black men standing up none less than six feet tall.

The end of Chapter 22. Now comes the real gang bang.

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