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About: Jonathan waits around reading the boring posters as he sits in the chair until he here's the door open and a short nurse of about forty walks in in the same boring unflattering scrubs that all the assistants wear. Flat, pink button up shirts over straight legged pants.
"Sorry about the wait, we're short staffed today."
"Oh it wasn't so bad, I hope its not too crazy."
"Well it was but your the one of the day so not for long."
"Oh good, take your time," hating himself as soon as he said that. He wanted this cleaning done as soon as possible. She took a seat next to him, aiming the light and getting the tools prepared. As she leans over him he sees into the loose gaps between the buttons over her shirt. He is surprised to see a pair of rather large breasts encased in a modest white bra. Well shaped. He tried to remember what he could about her. Her name was Helen and she was a quiet nurse, had been there for a long while and single as long as he could remember. He was surprised he had never noticed the curves he was glimpsing now. As she leans over him to adjust some of the machinery a devious thought enters his mind as he notices her struggling with it. Deftly he begins opening the buttons from the bottom of her top as it hangs loosely from her body. As she concentrates on the task at hand he raises a hand and presses lightly against her wide hip, feeling it curve inwards towards a narrow waist.
"Did you need something," she asked as he touched her.
"No." he didn't explain or move his hand. His fingers could feel the light outline of a thong under the thin scrubs. Helen feels more uncomfortable as his fingers trace backwards. Still leaning over him she twists her hips forward so her backside is further away, hoping to discourage him. To her dismay his fingers move along the waistline towards the front, dipping inward running over the front of the grey cotton thong.
"Hey!" she stands in shock and moves to step back but his fingers curl around the front of the thong and yank her forward, her breasts landing on his face. His other hand quickly rises to easily pull her small bra down, his lips finding there way under her top. She gasps as his lips suck at the soft flesh, her thong riding up between the folds of her womanhood. "Stop it!"
Her cries of protest wont be heard through the thick walls designed to drown out noise from dental procedures and even as she protests her body begins to heat and tingle all over. Her cries of protest melt into frantic begging as his lips move from her outer breast slowly inwards towards her nipples, already semi hard. Her body writhing over his as she struggles has him rock hard, he pauses, his lips over her left nipple, full breast hanging over his eager mouth and she looks down at him, begging.
He suddenly takes takes her nipple into his mouth, sucking and flicking it rapidly. She sags against him as she moans out long and low. His hand gripping her thong pulls her completely onto him and her body melts against his. Her hands gripping his shoulders tightly as she mashes her chest into his face. He rips the last two remaining buttons open and slides his hand around to her bra clasp, making quick work of it. His fingers work into her already wet pussy and her hips start pressing down onto his. he peels off her top and then bra, met by little resistance as he switches to suckle the other nipple. He pushes down the bottoms and thong as she quietly moans for him to wait but does nothing to stop him when he ignores her. Loving the feel over her curvy hips and narrow waist pressing against him. He releases her to pull his shirt off. As his shirt rises over his head he feels her fingers work furiously at his pants. He almost loses it as she pulls them down and her breasts drag over his hard cock. She presses her body back over his and kisses him furiously, her breasts mashed against his chest, hips grinding her wetness up and down his shaft. He can feel the intensity of her built up wanting and reaches down, no longer able to stop it himself.
He aims his cock and she sinks back over it, taking it all in in a long fluid motion. She stops kissing him to look at him with eyes filled with fire. In long slow motions she slides all the way to the tip than pulls it back in. He can feel her speeding up but the pace is agonizingly slow, her hot tight wetness feels amazing but each time she slowly pull off he is left painfully wanting more. He squeezes hard, fingers digging into the soft flesh, willing her to feel his desperation, but she continues the slow accelerating pace. Just when he cant stand it anymore she suddenly plunges fast and hard, the change of pace has him shocked but he quickly lets out a loud groan of pleasure as he bottoms out inside her, his hips bucking up to meet hers. She rides him faster and harder, her breasts bouncing in his hands with her thrusts. She leans back and he watches as she cups her own breasts, tweaking and pulling the nipples. His hands move to her hips to help her rise and fall the length of his cock. He fills the pressure building as she begins moaning louder and louder. He sees her hands squeezing tightly across the whole breasts and her head thrown back as her hips start moving in a wild sawing motion, bucking all over him as she howls out. Her pussy squeezing down the length of his cock is all he can take and his fingers grip her tightly as he brings her down hard on his cock, exploding into her. She continues grinding into his hips as her pussy milks his cock. As he feels him self finished inside her she suddenly collapses against him, clutching his chest and nuzzling her face into his neck. Her breasts rub into his body as she gasps for air while they lay in post climactic bliss.

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