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About: Wonder if she really knows what we are doing? Hell, fire and brimstone, hope not."

He pulled me close, "She won't my sweet baby. Now let me make you cum. After that we should drive back home--or momma will really worry."

"Okay daddy. Ooooooh yesssssss, I like that! I love the way you suck my clit. Finger me harder! Oh my god, Daddy I am cumming!"

Once again I enjoyed my driving lesson with my dad. After all I drove all the way to our favorite making out spot, without killing the car at every corner. I was getting good at using the clutch as well as making out with daddy.

The next few days drug by slower than molasses on a stack of pancakes. When Saturday came, I could not help but burst into my parent’s bedroom and 7am and blurt out. "Can I go practice my driving now daddy?"

My mom gave me a look that told me, she did not like what I did. "Good grief girl how many times do I have to tell you to knock before bursting into our bedroom? Maybe I should not let you drive today?"

My dad hugged mom and replied, "Oh don’t do that honey, she needs to do this for class. I would not want us to be responsible for her failing it."

My mom looked at me, and shouted, "Okay, but damn it girl next time knock!"

My dad then told me to go get dressed and eat first. Adding that maybe mom would give us a list of things to get at the store? About an hour later the two of us were driving down the gravel road, as mom had already gone shopping the day before.

I looked at my dad and asked, "Do we get to ‘fuck’ this time daddy?"

He looked at me and winked, "If you want, as I think you are ready. After all I have had three fingers inside you, and your hymen is already broken, by them."

I pulled into the secluded spot, and soon we were both naked on the back seat. Daddy looked at me, took his hard cock in his hand, and began to rub it across my throbbing, wet, pussy.

"Let me make you cum first baby. It will be easier to slide this big thing inside your vagina then."

I watched in awe at what he was doing with his cock, and before long, I bellowed. "Ooooh god daddy, I am cumming."

He told me that was great. He then told me to prepare myself, for what is going to happen next, as it might hurt a wee bit, when he slid his cock into me. He then told me not to worry, because daddy would kiss my pussy later to make it feel better.

He slowly slid just the head inside my drenched, pulsating hole, and held it there. "Feel okay so far?"

"Oh yes daddy! Shove it in more I want my daddy to fuck me!"

He slowly slid his cock in slowly, inch by inch, waiting, to see if it was okay before moving it deeper. He was halfway inside me when I told him it hurt.

"Ok sweety, calm down, daddy will stop for a moment."

He paused, and then reached down and began to rub my clit. He knew that would help lubricate me as well as help my muscles to relax.

"Oh daddy that feels good and it don’t hurt now. Fuck me more," I pleaded.

He moved his cock deeper as he continued to rub my clit. I soon began to shake, and he knew I was about to cum again. When I climaxed he shoved, his cock all the way in. He started fucking me with slow strokes.

I never felt anything like it before! When daddy fingered clit, while his cock was inside me, I came so damn hard.

I kissed him, and then shouted, "If this is fucking, I want to do more! Will you cum inside me daddy?"

"Yes if you want me to. Can I baby? Your sweet cunt feels so good around my dick?"

"Won’t I get pregnant if you do? That’s what the sex education teacher told me?"

"No baby, daddy cannot make any more babies, the doctor fixed me so I cannot. Oh god I am going to cum! I want to fill your hot cunt with my seed!"

I looked up into his eyes and shrieked, "Well then cum inside my pussy daddy."

He did, and we lay together for the next few moments with his cock inside me, basking in the afterglow.

Daddy kissed me, and asked, "Did you like it baby-girl?"

"Hell yes, daddy, when can we do it again?"

"After daddy recovers, maybe next week sometime, okay?"

I thought for a moment, "Oh I get it now, each time you cum, it takes you awhile to where you can again. God, I cannot wait till next week daddy."

I forgot all about it, as the days passed. I was wearing a mini skirt, and sitting at my desk trying to figure out an algebra math problem.

I made a fist, and grumbled, "Why do I have to learn this stupid stuff, I’ll never use it anyways?"

About that time, my dad poked his head around the corner of my room. When he saw what I was wearing, he licked his lips, and his cock started to swell.

"How’s my girl today?"

"Alright I guess, I hate doing math homework, I don’t see why I need it?"

"Because it will come in handy one day, Can I help?"

"Sure why not, I cannot figure it out."

Before entering my room, he walked into the kitchen, where mom was cooking supper. He explained to her that he would be helping me with my Math. Then instructed her to not let my five year old brother wander into the room and bother us.

My mother agreed, and told him to lock the door to the room. She would keep my brother busy with crayons and a book.

He entered the room. He then closed and locked the door, and pulled up a chair beside my desk. When he looked he noticed I was doing detailed Math problems.

He put his arm around me and spoke, "First let’s take it one step at a time. Here let me show you how."

As he did that his hand caressed my right leg up under the dress. God it felt good. I wanted him to play with me not do math.

His hand went further, and he discovered I did not have any panties on. He leaned over and questioned, "Baby, where is your underwear?"

"I took them off, because my pussy was all wet and tingly. I had to touch myself, Daddy it makes me feel good."

He licked his lips, and cautiously looked around the room. He then whispered, "Honey, daddy has locked the door, and we will not be disturbed by anyone, including your brother. Don’t worry, I took care of it. Can daddy touch your pussy? Please! Oh fuck my dick is so hard."

I reached down and felt his cock, "Mmm it is. Oh daddy, I will be quiet so mom doesn’t hear me, can you make me cum?"

He unzipped his pants and took out his hard cock. "Yes, want to play with my cock?"
I turned and opened my legs wide so he could play with my pussy. I then reached for his cock, and stroked his shaft slowly.

"Oooh Daddy, I love playing with your cock."

The risk of knowing that momma was two rooms away, and the door locked, turned me on more.

I leaned forward, and kissed him deeply. I then whispered in his ear, "Daddy I am going to cum!"

He whispered back, "Do it sugar, cum all over daddy’s fingers. That’s it, oh my sweet baby-girl. God I am so hard can I fuck you?"

I uttered, "Won’t we get caught?"

"I tell you what; you can lean up against the wall by the door. That way you can listen for mom, as I slide my dick in your pussy. Oh please, daddy needs to cum!"

I got up, turned the radio on and the volume up. I then pulled my dress up around my waist, leaned into daddy, kissed him hard.

"Yes, Daddy I want you to fuck me."

I leaned up against the wall, and listening at the door. Daddy drove his cock slow, and deep inside my hot cunt. It did not take him long to fill me with cum."

"Oooh I love just love to be fucked by my daddy."

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