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About: She had given him the one thing that he wanted--needed. Sex. She had lost her mind and surrendered to him. She couldn't cry. It was her fault, yes but his charm also had to do with it.
>His red eyes made vilen feel wanted, like he was for her and her only. She felt used and unwantable after he made love to her as if her job for now have been fufilled.
>Hell. She felt stupid now.
>She'd set a Sex demon free, into the a world and now she was giving him what he needed. She felt used and usless.
>She got off the bed and grabbed her black cloak and pulled it around her, leaving the room. she sat in her chair in the other room, wanting so bad to cry but couldn't. Her eyes where dry from crying earlier. She put her hand on her stomach. She didn't know if she was carrying his child and it scared her not knowing if life was inside her or not.
>She closed her eyes and thought of what Elisa said. "you can't create a person. If you where to do that they wouldn't be human anymore." Elisa was right. Humans can't be made by magic. She Let her mind wander. Hoping that that could get her mind off the current thoughts racing through her head.
>She felt herself drifting off to sleep and msde a small smile. She'd been able to push the other thoughts away and fall asleep in peace.
>But soon her dreams became nightmares.
>She was in the forest again but this time it was warm and dark. She was in nothing but the cloak. She herd him coming, though he was quiet and quick, like a cat chasing its pray. She searched for him but found nothing.
>He found her first. He jumped from the shadows and landed silently behind her. He wrapped his arms, snake-like around her waist. He felt her catch her breath in a gasp, and try to flee from his grasp. But his hold did not losen, he held her tightly and smiled at his catch. She turned in his arms to face him. She saw him smile. Before she could say to realise her he jumped back into the forest and began to run. She wanted to ask where he was taking her but couldn't. She was to scared to even move her head from his chest. He stopped sometime later and she took the chance to look at her surroundings. She was back at Elisas house.
>"Why did you bring me here?" Vilen asked scared.
>He looked at her and smiled, but said nothing.
>He walked to the door and kicked it open. No one seemed to be home, which only scared vilen more. He crossed the room and walked through the curtain to the bedroom.
>The Bedroom where vilen died last time she dreampt.
>The Bedroom where Elisa poured acid on her and laughed as she died a slow painful death. She looked at him, and could see how scared she was in his eyes. "What are you going to do to me?" She asked in barely a whisper. He smiled, but still said nothing. He placed her on the bed and leaned down to kiss her forehead. Finally he spoke. "Don't move." Was all he said to her. He stood up. She noticed he wore a cloak aswell. His was a blood red. She watched him take it off his shoulders then turn to her and smile. She looked at him and finally knew why he had brought her here for.
>He smiled and leaned down to kiss her. Vilen backed away from him but he cought her shoulders. He was going to win. She could see it in his eyes. She gasped, as he smiled and laid on top of her. "You will be mine." he said grabbing her cloak and ripping it off of her. She lay naked under him, He smiled and made her his. He listened to her screams of pain.
>He didn't care that he was forcing her to give him what he needed. If he needed it, he'd take it. Simple as that. He smiled and filled her.
>She screamed in pain as he rapped her. She did not want to have his child but it seemed he was in control now, she was just along to give him what he wanted, then when he did have the child in his arms, he’d look at her and kill her or worse keep her tied to the bed so she couldn’t leave the house.
>He finished rapping her and stood up from the bed. "Now I will have what I want. And you? You will be my sex slave. When I need another child I will come to you and make one." He smiled evilly and laughed.
>"You’re a monster!" Vilen yelled, pulling the blanket up to her shoulders. He slammed his fist on the bed next to her shoulders. His red eyes looking at her in a red angry gaze. "You will not say such things to your master!" He said through clenched teeth.
>Vilen closed her eyes, but said nothing to him. What else was there to say? He rapped and called her his sex slave. She was only to amuse him and nothing more. He didn’t love her he only wanted her body to mate with her and make his children. She felt hot tears pool her eyes, and fall down her cheek. She felt him wipe away the tears and kiss her cheek in there place. She turned her head and opened her eyes.
>"Don’t touch me." Vilen said filling her voice with enough venom that he slightly jumped at her words.
>"Fine then. I Will leave you here. But I will be back to have more of your sweetness." He said pulling the cloak around his shoulders and left the room. She closed her eyes and heard him slam the front door closed behind him as he left the still empty house.
>She let the tears spill out now. Like a waterfall. She felt tired and sore but didn’t care. She just wanted to wake up and leave this nightmare. But why couldn’t she wake up? She was still asleep, why was that? Would Elisa come to tell her something that would help her kill him? Or would she simply tell her something knowledgeable?
>She sighed. She was going to stay asleep for a long time, probably for another hour or so. Or until the demon man came back and rapped her again. She opened her eyes and sat up. Thank evil. I’m not tied up or nothing. She thought smiling a smile with relief. She got off the bed and pulled the cloak around her cold sore body. She walked to the entry to the door and looked into the other room to make shore he left and wasn’t hiding in the shadows to make shore she stayed put. She smiled when she saw no one in the other room, and slowly made her way to the door. She was a few feet from the door when she heard a low but pained moan. She stopped and looked around for the source of the noise. But couldn’t find it. She stepped to the side of the room and looked into the shadows.
>She found the sores and gasped. Elisa lay there on the floor bruised and bloody. Covered in only a rutty old cloak. She put her hand on Elisa’s arm, carful of her bruises. "Who did this to you?" She asked her softly.
>Elisa couldn't answer. She only moaned in pain.
>Vilen felt sorry for what had happened to Elisa. Even if she didn't know who did this.
>Or did she?
>Was it him? The man--demon--that had rapped her?
>She shook the thought fro her mind first she needed to help Elisa and then she'd get some answers.
>She walked to the small kitchen and grabbed some cloth from one of the drawers and wet it in the sink.
>She walked back to Elisa but found him holding her by the neck. Gasping vilen dropped the cloth and ran to get her friend from his hands.
>She grabbed her and pulled her away from him, though he let her take her.
>He smiled. "Aw. Are you worried about your whore?" He said with a luagh.
>Vilen looked at him with A black glare. "Shut up!" She yelled at him. He smiled and kneeled down to touch her cheek. She pulled away and looked at Elisa.
>"Elisa. please wake up!" She said but Elisa didn't move and sheo. She felt her friends weight slipping away from her grasp.

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