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About: Slowly I let my lips and curious tongue work their way further into his groin. When I felt his flesh drop back, I stopped and lifted my head. "It’s alright, keep going" he encouraged me. I lowered my lips back down and continued licking. First, to where I knew the ridge was, then slowly moving down to where I felt it drop away again. I held my tongue there for a moment, then very slowly let the tip of my tongue follow his flesh, it dropped back quickly before it suddenly stopped, and I could feel the small wrinkles of his ass hole on my tongue. He let out a moan of pleasure. "Good girl, lick my ass." I lightly rubbed my tongue against it, then swirled it around, to lubricate with my saliva. I pressed my tongue firmly against his ass hole, and felt as the tip slid inside. I wiggled my tongue, and then pushed it in deeper. My face pressed hard against his body. I pulled my tongue in and out, fucking his ass, as he groaned. Finally unable to take anymore he jumped up, rolled me on my back, and came all over my face.


I awoke the next morning, as he rolled me on to my stomach. I felt him grab at my butt cheeks and search for my ass hole with his cock. Without any coaxing my ass easily accepted his cock inside. His body pressed hard against mine as he drilled down inside me. I enjoyed the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of my ass, and I moaned with pleasure. He pumped faster and faster, harder and harder, enjoying the feel of my ass wrapped around his cock first thing in the morning. Then he pulled out, flipped me on to my back, and I held my tits firmly together as he unloaded his cum onto them.
He laid back down on the bed, still breathing heavily. I climbed between his legs, and rested my head near his tired cock. I gently stroked his balls, softly saying "Thank you Master. I love the feel of you in my ass Master."
He stroked my head lovingly, building his strength back up. After a short rest, he put his still limp cock to my lips. I took it in my mouth and started to suck. I felt a warm tingle in my pussy when I tasted his piss rush into my mouth. He was completely relaxed, only slowly rubbing his hand over my head, as his morning stream was pulled from his cock into my mouth. I sucked until he was dry, and then continued to stroke his balls "Thank you for letting me drink your piss master."
It was not long before his cock was hard with desire again. This time I eagerly sucked on it, shoving it down my throat and gagging myself with it.

The day continued as it did the day before. I stayed quietly by his side, ready to satisfy his needs. He continually fucked me, and pissed on me all day.
Sometime in the afternoon, he took me back into the bedroom, and had me on hands and knees on the bed. He gently ran his fingers over my pussy and my ass. Then gently he spread my delicate folds wide, much as he had done the very first time I met him. His fingers slid in and out of my holes, followed by his cock. Slowly, enjoying his time he fucked my pussy, and then my ass. My holes now welcomed him eagerly, my pussy juiced to please him, and my ass opened for him easily. I felt him pull out, and get off the bed. He picked something up off the dresser and then climbed behind me again. There was a bright flash from a camera. Then another flash when he used his hand to open up my pussy, and another as he opened my ass hole. He placed his cock in my pussy and took another picture, and again as put his cock in my ass. He continued fucking my ass, more eagerly now, as he came close to coming. He pulled out and sprayed his cum on my ass, then took another picture of my fucked ass hole covered in his cum.
He came up behind me and whispered in my ear "You’ve been a good slave. I’m done with you now, take a shower and go home." He got up, dressed, and walked out. I heard the front door open and close as he walked out of the house.
It happened so quickly I had a hard time understanding what he meant. Somewhere during everything that happened, I forgot that at some point I would have to leave. I felt strange as I took a shower. I took my time, enjoying the warm water, waiting for it to help me feel normal again. I dressed, and slowly walked to the door. I looked down at the spot where only 42 hours earlier I had laid, nervous, not knowing what to expect. I felt a dull ache from my loose pussy and ass hole, and I remember how clean and tight they had felt when I first entered this house. Strangely, I was sad to be leaving. Then I walked out the door, back to my old life.

I spent the next two days in bed. I was tired and did not know what to do with myself. Part of me longed to feel his cock inside me again, and craved to taste his piss once more. Jasmine kept asking me what had happened, and why I had been gone so long. But I refused to talk; I just wanted to be alone.
Finally, by Wednesday she convinced me to go back to the agency. I did not expect to get any pay, as I knew I had angered him often. I doubted he would give me a good review. But Jasmine insisted that they were calling for me. We went to the agency together, and talked to the receptionist. To my surprise, I was paid $5000 for my time, and she handed me an envelope from the client. She also said there was an appointment for Thursday night if I was interested. Jasmine was already going out to a charity ball on Thursday and knew we would be at the same event. So I accepted.
I waited until I got home to open the envelope. I almost fainted when I opened it and found a check for 2 million dollars.
I did not tell Jasmine about the money. And the next day we both got dressed in fancy gowns and met our clients for the evening. It was a long boring night, filled with snobby people droning on and on about their boring lives. But I smiled and nodded.
The next day I quit the agency, I did not need the money now, and I could not stand another "date". I moved out of Jasmine’s apartment with everything I had moved in with, the clothes on my back.
As I walked down the street, I amused my self, imagining all the things I could do with my 2 million. I put my hand in my pocket, and stopped cold when I felt a key. I pulled it out and looked at it in my hand. I must have put it back in my pocket after I had unlocked the door to his house. I smiled, and got an idea.

I went back to his house, let myself in, and then undressed and bowed, waiting for him to get home. I smiled to myself imagining his surprise. I heard him unlock the door and then come in.
He was startled. "What, what are you doing here?"
I looked up, and for the first time I looked into his eyes. "I’ve missed you master. I cannot live with out you master. Before I met you I, did’nt know what I was supposed to do with my life. But now I know. I want to live here with you. I want to pleasure you."
He kneeled down and looked at me "it was just a game, I hired you for a game, and you’re free now."
"No master, I’ll never be free. I will always be a slave to your cock." I saw him quiver as a rush of excitement ran through his body. He could not help himself any longer. He stood up and unzipped his pants; I eagerly took his cock in my mouth and sucked him off.

After that I lived with him, I was free to do anything I wish well he was at work, but the rest of the time I was his slave. Each morning, I drank his morning stream, and fucked him and everyday when he got home from work I was naked and ready, waiting for him.

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