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About: I lost my beautiful wife just shy of 2 years ago. Life has been tough and what you witnessed is basically as good as my sex life has been since then. Well minus the dog part usually.

Prince is the joyous little dog who lives next door to me. The problem with next door is that we actually share a garden, because prior to my wife ‘s sudden death, the plan was to merge the 2 properties into one. His owner is a middle-aged women, Karen, who moved in about a year when I decided to rent out the other half of the property until life got back on track enough for me to continue with the renovation. She is a really lovely woman, very proper but very nice too. Unfortunately, she has a bad habit of forgetting to lock the dog door and Prince then likes to disturb me at all hours.

I wouldn’t say the porn and masturbating have been my only sexual activity because I am unable to get women. The problem is living in a very small place, most of the women knew my wife which I find quite odd and it is also pretty tough trying to find time with 2 young ones to look after by myself. I am 6ft, in pretty good shape from doing a lot of manual work and apparently have a rugged look to me.

I am definitely getting to a point that I really need to release properly though, with a woman and not just my hand.


The next 3 nights all follow a similar pattern to the previous. I have porn on and then my flow gets broken my the stupid flee bag next door. Each time I go out though, unusually Prince is no where to be seen.

Tonight, I am so horny. Not helped by spending the afternoon at the swimming pool with the kids getting lessons, watching the gorgeous swim coach in a very tight costume. I am naked on the sofa as usual. Living room light up by the sexy porn on the TV screen, the model looking very much like the swim coach.

Then… "Yip! Yip! Yip!". Fuck it, I am not stopping this time for the little shit. I keep beating my cock with my hand. Then explode my cum all over by body. My head is spinning it was such a great orgasm. Then I hear what is something like a grunting noise from outside. I decide I better check this odd sound. Possibly a Stag or something has taken issue with the barking, we do get a lot of deer locally. I quickly wipe myself down and grab the dressing gown to head outside. As I open my back door, I hear a sound from the other door. I assume that the little mutt has just ran back into the house before I can catch it. I grab a torch from the cabinet to go and check out what the sound was at the bottom of the garden.

I can’t see anything in the field behind the house and I flick the torch off on my way back up the garden, as the light from my TV provides plenty light as I don’t close the curtains due to the private location.


The next day is roasting hot. Not very typical for Scotland! To make it worse, it is a very sticky humid heat too.

I get a text from my mates to see if I will go out the pub tonight, as I haven’t seen them in ages. I decide that cold beers on a day like this is too good to pass up. It is not very often I do it, but I arrange for a teenage girl from up the road to come down to babysit the kids until later on.

After sorting everything out, I finally make it to the pub. The Scotland football match is on the TV, but I am not really interested in watching Scotland under perform yet again to some small former Soviet state. The beers are being sunk quickly, and for the first time in what feels like forever I am really enjoying a night out. I am even getting flirty with some of the females in the pub, but I still can’t shake that these women were more or less friends with my wife and it stops me taking it any further.

I turn around to head back over to my table when I bump into someone. When I turn again to apologise, I do a double take at the fine figure before me. Nice body, with amazing hips and tits. By the look of the rest of the curves I can only assume her ass would be amazing too. I do love a sexy ass! Then I see her face and panic sets in. It is Karen!

Quite clearly, I am checking her out big time and it is my old enough to be my mother, tenant, next door neighbour. Her cheeks turn red from my obvious looks at her body. "I am so sorry John", she says to break to tension.

"No, I am the one who should be sorry Karen. Let me buy you a drink to make up for it." We stand at the bar chatting for a long time. There is obvious tension between us both, which has never remotely been there before, and we speak basically daily. I have also never seen anything in her usual attire to hint at the amazing body that is clearly there. There are small touches between us and she is playing with her hair a lot. Both sending off signals to each other.

"Well John, I really best get off. Prince isn’t used to being home alone for so long, it was very nice to bump into you like this though" She gently bumps her hip/ass into my crotch area and gives me a wink. Then quickly turns to leave the pub saying no more. I watch her ass sway from side to side as she leaves. I am also now rock hard in the middle of the pub. Another drink is needed!

Despite trying to distract myself with chatting to my mates and beer, I just can’t shake the excitement. I decide it is time to head home, the babysitter really should be heading off home anyway.


I get into the house and give the babysitter her cash and thank her for watching the kids. Thankfully, all seems to have gone well, so this may not have to be my last night out so late. A cold shower is needed now though, both for the heat and the excitement.

After coming out the shower, I wander around the house with my rock hard cock returned. I consider going into the living room to fix it, but the heat is just to sticky to want to get sweaty for it. I go to the back door to try and get some air. I disable the rear light, just in case Karen is still up and gets a fright by my lack of clothes.

I hear a funny noise when I open the door. Unlike animal type noises of previous nights, this is a buzzing sound. It then dawns on my what the noise is… I turn towards Karen’s property and see her bedroom window is open pretty wide, obviously to try and let the little air there is in. I am 99% sure I am hearing a vibrator being used by Karen and I am not sure if it was the beer or the hormones but I decide that climbing onto the bike shed that abuts the house and is just diagonally below her window is a great idea.

Once I find my balance, I can now hear her moaning. I couldn’t stop myself now, my hand is around my cock and beating hard.

"Oh John" leaves her lips. Clearly our flirting tonight has affected her too and she was thinking about what could’ve been. This makes me even harder and I am really struggling not to make a sound.

Her pace begins to increase.

"Fuck me with that hard cock of yours John", I am pretty taken aback by how vocal and dirty she is. True what they say obviously, don’t judge a book by its cover. My orgasm is building, so I put a hand on the wall to steady myself for it coming.

"Cover me in that cum like you did to yourself last night!"

What?! She was watching me?

"Fuck yes Karen" as I let out a massive stream of cum.

Then it hits me what I’ve done.

The buzzing stops.

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