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About: Of course i like desert, Maria was our cook and everything she made us was delicious, never did i think of Carol’s type desert when speaking with her. 

We went on about the day, Ben showed me around a bit and what we would be doing in the coming week. The day ended and i returned to the cabin, supper was in the oven again and i thought to myself wow this place is perfect. 

Sleep came early since it was a busy day. 

The next morning came and other than nice smiles from Maria it was an average day. My supper was in my fridge in the evening with a big happy face on it. 

The nights we uneventful and i got rested up. But i was missing being around Carol. I had never felt like that before, something was different about this woman. 

Friday morning came and we set about our daily work. 

Everything this week seemed to be about making and gathering hay. 

Returning to main ranch in the evening i noticed Carols car was back, she was no where to be found and so keeping it cool i headed to the cabin. Supper and a dozen beer were in the fridge. What more could be better in life i thought as i sat on the back deck eating supper. I didnt know when i would see Carol next so i headed to bed. Soon after dark i could hear the purr of an atv motor come up to the back of the cabin. The door opened and soon a whisper came from the darkness at my bedroom doorway. "You asleep" i heard. In a very light voice i replied "nope". Sounds of undressing and then she crawled into bed naked and snuggled up tight to me. The scent of her hair left no doubt my queen was back and tucked in under my arm was in her safe spot. After a long hug she finally lifted her head and rose to kiss me. Looking in her eyes i said " welcome back i have missed you dearly". After some more snuggles she finally said; "we need to talk about a few things" looking direct into my eyes. I knew just to shut up and listen. She said "i think we have reached the point we have to talk about us having intercourse, first im not sure if im ready for another man to enter my body and make love to me my late husband is the only man i have been with, it might take some time and trust before i settle into that. 

Secondly and the most embarrassing thing is, i was cursed with a tiny vaginal opening. Before you can go sticking that monster cock in me we will need to go through some steps to stretch me so i dont hurt or you tear me every time we make love. Im sorry to lay this on you but it needed to be said.".

 I looked directly into her eyes and pondered my next words. A slight hesitation before i replied; "sweetie if all we ever did for the rest of our lives was for you to snuggle into my shoulder and cuddle i would be fine with that. But im confused, i hear what your saying but what about the other night ?, i slipped into you fairly easy and we made love." She burst out laughing then stopped. " oh darling i thought you would have figured that out, im glad you said that your fine with waiting but that wasnt me ….it was…. Maria". 

In shock and disbelief i sat up and said "no your wrong, it couldnt have been, omg what have i done " 

Chuckling she said "settle down sweetie its fine, i set it up for her to come here. As i told you Maria is my left hand she knows more than anyone and everything about us. I told her the other morning about our night and that i wasnt ready to have you inside of me. She spoke up and said she would help. Did you not notice a different body, her hair or even scent? Did she kiss you ?"

The wheels were turning so fast in my brain, my biggest fear was Carol kicking me to the curb but she was fine with Maria screwing me and actually encouraged it. 

I replied: "she wouldnt let me touch her and pinned my arms down, obeying commands i just laid there and got screwed. No she never kissed me and was out the door as soon as i was done. But your right the car sounded different. Omg what have i done". Carol had to settled me down again and said we will all talk in the morning. My heart beating like a race horse i was so afraid. The thought of any type of sex was out for the night, i needed to gather my thoughts. Slowly drifting off to sleep with her in arm the night passed without movement again. 

The alarm went off not as early Saturday morning and Carol already had a firm grasp on my morning wood. There was no one coming in till noon today to bail hay except me doing the chores around the main ranch. There was no sense of urgency today. 

With my cock firmly in her hand she began pumping my cock, while kissing me good morning. 

Her strokes quickened and she slid down and spit on her hand, pumping my now slippery cock even harder she laid her head on my stomach a mere couple inches from its head. I couldnt take much more and yelled out " im cumming" as my shots of cum blasted on to her face and in her hair, she had caught some in her mouth for a taste but giant streams were running all over her face as she rose up to looked at me. " oh my it seems we have made a mess. "she said as we climbed out of the bed and went to the shower. 

Another day of firsts with her in the shower with me, i took the opportunity to clean her body from top to bottom and even shampooing her hair. Treated like a queen indeed i let my magic hands touch every inch of her again. The slippery soap allowed my hands to glide easily in between her legs and i soon had one hand slipping and sliding on a breast while the other used a thumb to ravage her clit, all while my middle finger was finding its way Into her love canal. She was right about her opening being small but being gentle i soon had my finger in her and began to finger fuck her for all i was worth. I thought of trying two fingers but there was not time, feeling her clamping down on me i knew the climax was close. She was about to burst as i leaned in and bit her neck. My finger felt like it was in a Chinese finger puzzle it was grabbing me and pulling me in while she came. As she shuttered and became weak i held onto her and let her recover in my arms slowly, the hot water was running out so we had to finish up. 

Climbing out of the shower i dried every part of her body for her. My cock was ready for round 2 and i was dying to bend her over and ram her from behind like Mrs. Fox had gotten but i had to wait. We kissed a bit and dressed. I had chores to get to and excused myself after a long kiss. 

"Breakfast is at 8" she yelled out the door behind me. 

I went about morning chores and reported at 8 for breakfast. Sitting at the kitchen table both Carol and Maria met me. The smile coming from Maria this morning told me she had received the latest update.   As we ate and drank our coffee Carol final said "we need to set some ground rules, subject to change at my discretion. Look you both know im not ready to have actual intercourse yet and so until things change, heres the rules. Maria will have sex with you when ever its agreeable to both.. and i suspect that will be often. A few conditions though, theres no kissing on the lips, no oral sex…. Thats my territory for now. You must tell me after you do it just for planning purposes. I don't care if its 5 times a day, i just need to know. Lastly for god sakes be discreet  and don't let anyone catch you." she finished by looking at me and said "good luck your gonna need it". 

We all sat there taking turns looking at each other and nodding in agreement. 

Things were about to get very interesting….  

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