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About: Dashing upstairs he followed where the noise was coming from, only to find her daddy fucking her cunt and as she juiced he noticed it was stained with blood. He quickly stripped off going to stand in front of them, as her daddy pulled her towards him, opening her cheeks for Adam to see. Adam could see his cock penetrating her cunt, he couldn’t help but push his cock in her ass, pulling on her nipples as he fucked her hard with daddy fucking her as well.

‘Oh, oh, ahhhhhhh daddy, more, harder, deeper, fill me full with your spunk, both of you.’

Dayne looked at Adam, telling him her tits have to be suckled several times a day now, as he thrust deep into her, Adam did the same.

They made her cum several more times when both of them roared as their climax hit the roof, and they both filled her full. When they pulled out Abby was a trembling wreck, but she was smiling, her legs still wide, not caring what they could see as she continued to massage her tits and pull on her nipples.

‘I’m your woman now Daddy, yours too Adam,’ her fingers found her growing hardening clit starting to wank herself.

Dayne looked down at her, then said, ‘Adam, I am going to order some food, we all need to eat, Chinese ok,’ they both nodded; when she can stand bring her to the kitchen as she is, then left to order their food. Ten minutes later both Adam and Abby walked into the kitchen. She sat on Adam’s lap as he kept wanting to suckle on her titties, her nipples really hard, he noticed she kept massaging her tits and pulling on her nipples. When he pulled off her, he asked ‘why does Abby have to be suckled several times a day now dad. Then looked at Abby, ‘will you stop squeezing and pulling on your tits Abby, just look at the size they are getting; fuck dad will you tell her?’

‘No Adam she has to massage and pull on her tits and nipples.’

Just then the doorbell went, and Abby jumped up to answer the door, ‘what do you think you are doing Abby,’ her daddy asked her.

‘Going to get the food daddy, I am starving, I’m ravenous,’ and ran to the door opening it. The delivery man stood there with his arm outstretched holding a large bag of Chinese food, his mouth dropping open at the sight of her. Abby smiled at him asking how much. She ran into the kitchen for the money, which daddy was holding up for her to take with a smile on his face. She ran back, gave the delivery man his money, grabbed the bag and slammed the door shut. ‘Foods here daddy,’ dumping the food on the table, just as Adam placed the plates by their seats. ‘Abby are you ok

 her daddy asked her.

‘Yes daddy why, apart from my tits, they’re tingling, I have been rubbing them for ages now, look at my nipples, they are getting huge, they are looking more like cows’ udders.’

‘Well, we have both just fucked your virgin cunt and ass, are you not sore?’ he asked watching her.

‘A little bit daddy, but a nice sore, can we fuck again when we have eaten,’ she asked busily chomping on her food, as she kept massaging and pulling on her nipples.

‘As much as you want baby girl, as much as you want.’ Then Adam but in, dad why does she have to be suckled so much, her teats are big enough as they are?’


‘Well, son we are going to get her milking, I gave her some tablets and rubbed some cream on her tits, that’s why she has been massaging them.’ By this time, they had finished eating, and they were watching Abby masturbate, ‘you hungry for more baby girl?’ Abby nodded noticing how hard her daddy still was.

Dayne stood going to the sink and got a face cloth, when he came back he washed both her tits, throwing the cloth in the sink. ‘Adam, suckle hard on her nipple,’ and he did the same on her other nipple. Adam pulled off after a while, seeing her nipple leaking white creamy liquid, fucking hell dad look.’ Dayne pulled off her other nipple seeing the same liquid oozing. ‘Well fuck me, son, I didn’t think it would happen so soon, but yes, our baby girl is beginning to milk for us.’

‘Oh daddy, your still hard, is there anything you want me to do to help you?’ she asked grinning.

‘On your knees now.’ Abby slipped off her chair and sank to the floor in front of her daddy. She could still see the remains of their juices, licking her lips, she looked into his blue eyes, as he pointed to his cock, ‘clean me, baby girl!’ She opened her mouth and took as much as she could without gagging. Smiling down at her, saying he would have to train her to deep throat and take all of him.

She pulled him out of her mouth, ‘But daddy you are so big,’ then took as much as

she could again, sucking on him like a pacifier. As she did she could feel her juices start to flow again, they could both see her squirming as she kept pulling and squeezing her nipples. Adam lifted her to her knees spreading her butt cheeks. ‘Fuck Abby, I just have to Shag your ass again, now dad has taken both your cherries.’

Adam placed his cock at the entrance of her butt, gently pushing in, ‘fuck Abby you are so fucking tight, not going to last too long.’

Abby was thrusting her hips backwards onto Adam’s cock, luxuriating at being spit roast by her daddy and brother. All they heard was the continuous ‘Mmmmmm’ coming from her. All of a sudden she was bucking and shaking as another orgasm ripped through her. When Dayne saw this he pulled out at the same time Adam did and they could both see how wet she was and how hard her nipples were as they leaked some creamy fluid.

‘Come sit on my lap baby girl, with your legs over the arms of my chair,’ still trembling slightly, Abby obeyed her daddy, her legs splayed wide open. She could feel his knob end rubbing up her slit to her hardening clit and back again, he did this several times, then pushed in right to the hilt, making her squeal. His fingers found her nipples as he pulled, pinched, and twisted them squirting her fluid on Adam as he stood by her side, turning her head to face him, and his shit-covered cock, ‘Clean my fucking cock bitch,’ grasping some of her hair he pulled her fully onto him, ‘that’s it you fucking bitch. and don’t forget my sac.’ When she had cleaned his cock she pulled off, sliding her tongue around his sac, then began sucking them clean.

She could feel her daddy fucking her hard, his open hands around the side of her waist, pulling her down hard and purposefully onto him. She felt the bittersweet pain of being penetrated as she had never been. Her daddy knew he was hitting spots that had never before been touched and he was going so deep, that he felt her cervix opening to him, ‘fuck Abby,’ his mouth finding her nipples, he suckled hard; first one then the other, ‘you are one fucking sexy bitch, that I am proud to call you my daughter, now fucking cum all over my cock,’ pulling so hard on both her nipples it made her start to tremble and shake again. ‘Ahhhhhhh daddy, yes, harder, deeper, my cunt and ass are yours to use from now on,’ as she finished saying this to him she screamed, ‘Fucking cumming, daddy,’ she thrust her chest out as Dayne and Adam both took a nipple to the back of their throats; this made her clit spurt cum out all over daddy’s belly. She shook and shuddered then felt her daddy empty his seed deep within her womb. She sank into her daddy’s arms smiling, seeing both of them smiling back at her.


‘Yes, baby girl.’

‘Well, you have both filled me with your spunk, and I am not on the pill or anything.’

‘I know baby girl, I know,’ he replied smiling at her.

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