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About: The house was quite for the first time in months the kids had left to go to grandmas for the week leaving him and his wife alone in their large house with no one to bother them. He had it all planned, every aspect needed to make this the most romantic week ever had been planned and set in stone.
  As evening fell he finished his preperations putting the finishing touches on dinner, setting the table, and placing the candles around the house and lighting them. He had just finished and was examing his work when her heard her pull into the drive. He rushed to the kitchen so that he could make his grand entrance when she came in.

  It had been a long day at work and she was glad to know the kids wouldn't be home to run her anymore ragged. As she reached the door she saw the white envelope taped to the front; she removed it and began to open it up as she went in side. Inside the envelope was an embossed note that had three words on it "Take a Seat". Only after she read it did she notice her surroundings. The house was dimly lit by candles, soft music was playing from somewhere in the house, and the aroma of freshly baked bread filled the air. She turned to find the table in the dining room set and her chair pulled out. She smiled and sat down wondering what was next. No sooner had she sat down he came through the kitchen door carrying two large plates which he sat on the table;one in front of her and one beside.

  He just finished preparing the plates when he heard her taking her seat and he knew it was time to make his entrance. He picked up the plates, pushed open the door, and stepped out into the dining room. He set the plates down in front of her and stepped back to gauge her reaction. He smiled when he saw the joyously surprised look on her face. She smiled then looked down at the meal before her.
  On the plate in front of her there was salad, Chicken Alfredo, some form of pasta, and homemade bread sticks. On the second plate was what looked like a cake with chocalate mouse in the center. Everything looked delicious and had her senses buzzing. While she was still examining the food he slipped into the kitchen and returned with a glass of sweet red wine which he set before her. She looked up at him as if to say where's yours he replied "I already ate." He stepped around behind her and began to massage her shoulders. She moaned and closed her eyes for a minute before she began to eat.

 He massaged her back and shoulders slowly working out the kinks and knots as she worked through her food. By the time she finished the main course she was to full to even begin the desert. After he had put it away in the fridge he led her to the living room where he started a movie and they laid down on the couch. She couldn't keep her attention on the movie all she could do was look up at him and think just how lucky she was to have him. It didn't take long before he noticed her attention wasn't on the tv but was instead on him. He smiled leaned down and kissed her soft lips. When she continued to kiss him he fumbled with the remote before turning the tv off. He continued to kiss her as they lay on they couch.

  After a short time he got up off the couch. He bent down and lifted her in his arms. He carried her down the hall and then down stairs to their master bedroom. He laid her on the super sized bed and smiled down on her.

She was a lil disappointed when he got up off the couch; she was just begining to really enjoy herself. But her disappointment soon changed to understanding as he lifted her In his arms and began to carry her down the hall.

  Just in the time it had taken him to carry her down the steps she went from damp to soaked. She couldn't think of anything but how much she wanted him. Before he could react she reached out and pulled him down onto the bed with her. She kissed him hard as she began pulling off his shirt.

 He gasped in surprise as she jerked him ferouciously onto the bed and began kissing him. He could feel her hands pulling at his shirt. Helped her get it off and kissed her back passionately. He rubbed her side's and began pulling off her blouse. With her blouse off and on the floor he began slowly kissing her neck with small light kisses.
    She moaned loudly as his soft kisses found her neck. Shivers went down her spine and her skin tingled. Slowly she ran her hands down his smooth back. He reached behind her and unhooks her bra then ran his hands down to un zip her skirt. He slipped it off from around her hips and pulled of her panties. Naked she looked up at him mischiviously and pushed him over on his back. She climbed up and straddled his chest looking down on him. she reached behind her and began to undo his jeans.

    He could feel the warm wet spot that was forming on his chest as well as her hands fumbling to un do his jeans. Once they were undone he began kicking of his pants. Instead of finding the cloth of his boxers underneath she found the warm smooth skin of his cock. She began to massage and kneed it slowly working it in her hands.

    He moaned loudly as she massaged his manhood. He returned the favor and reached up and massaged and squeezed her breasts. After a minute had passed he pulled her down to him and began to kiss her. He held her tight as they kissed passionately.

    She was utterly surprised by the passion and power of his kiss, she hadn't seen him that way in years she matched his kisses with her own rising passion, kissing and biting at his lips. She slowly slid back rubbing her slit against his rod working herself into a frenzy of sexual energy.

    As they kissed he could feel her wet snatch rubbing against his shaft and the rising passion within in her he began to push up against her causing her to press back harder and move faster. With one particularly hard push he brought her to her first orgasm of the night along with a pleasured scream. As she slowly came down off her high he flipped them and teases her wet opening with his head and before she had settles back to normal he thrust hard into her sending her off again.

    She screamed as her second orgasm came with the sudden penetration by his hard rod. At first she lay there unable to do anything but soon began slamming back against his hips not wanting the feeling to end. She pulled him down and thrust her tongue into his mouth.

    He was running off pure instinct now not even thinking about what he was doing or what would come next. He took the bucking of her hips as a sign to go harder and began to slam into her soaking love tunnel with all the force and speed he had. His tongued danced passionately with hers battling to see who would win.

    Before her second orgasm was even half through her third hit her sending her in to a completely primal state wanting nothing more than to cum again and to feel his seed in her. She screamed and bucked her hips hard up against him wanting more of his length.

    He hammered away in his animalistic mindset doing everything he could to drive her crazy. He squeezed her breasts and lightly bit her nipples as she screamed in pleasure. He could feel his climax building to the point of release and with one final thrust that move her back several inches he began to cum.
    That thrust sent her off in strongest orgasm she had ever had. As she screamed and jerked and bucked she could feel his seed pumping into her. And with the final pulse everything went black.

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