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About: I relaxed my pussy as much as I could as hubby's cock kept going deeper and deeper into me.

My pussy was really getting stretched and it did not feel good.

I guess I was moaning and groaning as both cocks got firmly planted in me. The discomfort got worse as they began to fuck me, one going in as the other was coming out. They never could seem to get it right.

I had my pussy fully relaxed so the pain was not that great but this still was not my favorite thing.

It didn't matter to them however as they continued to fuck me with their two cocks in one hole.

Thank goodness it did not take one of them long to cum which got the other one going and they pumped loads of cream into me.

Then both cocks started going soft and slid out of me along with a gush of cum.

That was a double fuck they said and asked if I enjoyed it.

I told them I had not while they laughed and talked about doing my ass that way next which talk I put a stop to.

We "double fucked" a few times after that, but I never really enjoyed it. I was hard to get getting in the right position etc. Even my pussy got so it could handle two cocks without too much pain I never really loved it.

My favorite double fuck was one in the ass and one in the pussy. That I liked.

What I really liked was to be fucked and eaten at the same time.

The first time was when Frank was fucking me dogie style, standing at the side of the bed with me on my hands and knees with my ass hanging over the edge of the bed when Hubby crawled under me and put his groin at my face level so of course I had to take his dick in my mouth.

Then I felt his tongue on my clit as I also felt Frank's cock going in and out of my pussy.

Hubby's mouth was all over my pussy, licking and sucking. I was in heaven and had a great cum.

We did it many times and ways after that.

Sometimes one of the guys would be fucking me from the rear and the other would be licking my clit. Or I would be getting fucked doggie fashioned like I said before.

A favorite of mine was being on top fucking the person under me and the other guy would be licking my cunt from behind. Often I got my ass rimed when they were doing that which really turned me on.

Having a tongue probing your ass hole is great. I Have to admit when I was sucking Hubby or Frank I sometimes rimed their ass and from the sounds they made when I was doing it they thought that was great also.

One night, early in our relationship, Frank was over when I was just starting my period so my pussy was out of service plus when I am "on the rag" as hubby calls it, I am a bitch.

Frank was asked about what he thought when he saw me getting a dick in the ass for the first time. He admitted he enjoyed the sight and was looking forward to doing me the same way soon.

I told him I had to do him first.

He wanted to know what I meant so I told him about this strap on that hubby had got me a while before. Part of it went in me but the longer part was bigger than a finger, more like a small dick. It even had a ridged head and veins cast in its rubber surface.

Hubby like me to use it on him sometimes so I told Frank I was going to use it on him.

He seemed to be undecided, but I told him if he wanted to empty his balls tonight he had to let me have a go at him with the strap on.

I got the device and took off my jeans, strapping it on I showed Frank how the thicker part went in my cunt. and was designed to hit my clit. Even with the Tampax in me the rubber cock slid right in shoving the Tampax deeper.

I took Frank back to the bed room and had him kneel on the bed like he did me when he fucked me dogie style.

The rubber dick swinging in front of me rubbed against my clit and felt good

I put a towel down to help with cum cleanup and standing behind Frank I lubricated the mini cock and placing it at the entrance of his assand pushed it in.

Frank let out a grunt as the cock slid in. I pulled it back out and started slowly fucking his ass.

I could see the dildo was spreading his asshole as it went in him. I knew what his ass ring was feeling.

The part in my hole was making me feel good also.

It wasn't long before Frank's cock shot a stream of cum. The first spurt missed the towel but the remainder of it got caught.

Hubby had removed his pants and had a hard on watching Frank get fucked. He was jacking his dick when I had him bend over on the bed and I fucked his ass and soon had him cumming on the towel too.

I had a small orgasm from the part in me.

Afterward I asked Frank if he enjoyed getting fucked. He admitted he had, but said he couldn't take anything bigger.

I reminded him I took Hubby's cock in the ass and I could get his stretched out so he could take a cock up the ass also.

I could then have him and hubby taking a cock in the ass as they fucked me.

Both said "no way". (but they did much later! But that is another story)

Frank was with us for several years and we did just about anything sexual we could think of with him. Most of it was great fun.

With the two of them I have been fucked one after the other, had two dicks in my pussy and ass (in the ass really hurt and we did not do it that much), fucked in my mouth, pussy and ass, taken loads of cum from both of them in all three of my holes. Had both a dick and mouth working my pussy (and ass) at the same time. Licked and tongued A holes and had mine done too. Even tit fucked a couple of times, but I had rather have a dick in a hole.

All of us hated it when we had to separate.

Frank was a great friend, and sex partner.

I have enjoyed telling you about our experiences with Frank and I am sure you have read hubby's remembrances of the same time.

We would love hearing of your experiences. Please send us a private e-mail telling us about how you felt about being shared or watching your wife or girlfriend having sex.

Jaybird 69

* * * *

Some e-mails in response to our published stories have chastised me for being a slut and for hubby being a pimp. Strange thoughts from people who apparently knew what this web page was about when they joined.. If you think my husband and I are "bad" don't read about our experiences.

Personally I think ANY THING consenting adults want to do to each other is OK and they should be allowed to do it.

I have been amazed by the number of men on this site who admit to wanting to watch or have watched their wife have sex. Hubby is not alone after all.

If you want to fuck your dog, or let a horse fuck you, or do your sister, mother, or father suck another man's cock or take it in the ass I DON"T CARE!!!!

Why should I feel bad about being fucked by others. Fucking is like so many other NATURAL functions. You don't feel bad about eating different items do you? Would I let these people have sex with me if hubby did not want it? Not if it meant cheating on him.

I DO think cheating is BAD, but Hubby knows and wants me fucked so that is not cheating. I only fuck who he approves of and watches

I enjoy men lusting after me and I enjoy doing what my husband wants me to do. If he wanted to line men up to screw me I would let them do it. Then put some TP in my panties to absorb the cum that dripped from my pussy, and that would be the end of it.

I know Hubby won't ask me do anything I really don't want to do.

Of course I will do most anything for him.

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